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Project Runway: Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics

March 25, 2010 08:47 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight, Project Runway on Lifetime is all about fabrics. As the contestants inch their way closer to Bryant Park, who will have what it takes to create their very own fabric? Keep reading for all the details and find out who passes and who fails this tough challenge!

Heidi Klum kicks off tonight’s all new Project Runway on Lifetime by sending the remaining contestants to meet with Tim and a fellow fashion designer. Tim shocks them with their newest challenge: creating their very own fabric. In this challenge, the contestants must create their own fabric on the computer and it will be created and delivered to them. With this, they must create a look that is all them in which they can also incorporate $100 worth of other fabric from Mood.

Some of the fabric creations on Project Runway on Lifetime were spectacular. Emilio created a custom logo with his initials, while Seth did a cartoon, rock looking fabric of a girl’s face, and Jay did a green and black zebra looking print. Maya, who did not think she had any fabric creating talent at all, came up with a beautiful red and black fabric design that was by far the best design of the evening.


Not everyone had such good fortune in the fabric design on Project Runway on Lifetime however. Anthony created a very soft looking black and purple design, while Jonathan created a very pale looking fabric with what appeared to be oil stained on it….but they weren’t, they were put there by him. Mila, had the biggest disaster of the night as she created a rainbow paint looking fabric that looked like it stepped out of the 1970′s..yikes!

As the designers worked hard at their creations, Tim had alot of criticism for them. He went back and forth with Emilio, stating his design logo looked like it was for both he and Seth. Emilio blatantly told us all that he never listens to Tim’s critiques…hmm, don’t you think he knows what he is talking about? Tim did not seem very impressed with Jonathan nor Mila, but he did seem to like Maya’s fabric design.

When it was time for the runway show on Project Runway on Lifetime, Heidi, nor the other judges were not impressed with some of these creations either. Mila’s model could barely even walk, her dress was so stiff with that hideous fabric on it. Heidi immediately sent Jay off to safety and the others described their fabric creations.


Emilio was named this week’s winner on Project Runway on Lifetime for his 1940′s graffiti look with his logo fabric design. That makes 3 wins for Emilio so far! Maya was a bit bummed out that she did not win, even though all of the judges claimed she had the best fabric design. She was sent away to safety followed by Seth, who had immunity anyway after last’s week split win with Emilio.

That left Jonathan, Anthony and Mila in the bottom three tonight on Project Runway on Lifetime. When Heidi and Michael tried to explain why they did not like Jonathan’s design, Jonathan became very defensive and looked angry, which is a first for him. He did not have to worry though because both he & Mila were sent back to safety. Anthony was deemed out for his plain dress with minimal design. I, personally think Mila should have gone home, but I am not the expert either. Best of luck Anthony, we viewers sure are going to miss your smile and humor on the show!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime. See you after the show!

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