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Kitchen Nightmares: Anna Vincenzo’s

March 26, 2010 07:49 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay is back tonight on a brand new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. This week, Gordon Ramsay heads to Boca Raton Florida to help struggling family restaurant Anna Vincenzo’s fill their dining room with customers again. But with an owner who would rather argue than take the time to see that she is the problem, will Chef Ramsay even be able to save this place, or will he end up walking out? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

Gordon Ramsay kicks off this episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX at Anna Vincenzo’s restaurant, which is known for their family style italian meals. Owner and head chef, Cece is in debt to her father, who also works at the restaurant as he paid for it for her. After introducing herself to Chef Ramsay, she sends her waitress over to take his order, who is utterly amazed when Chef Ramsay asks for one of everything….they have a huge menu of 180+ items.

Eventually, Gordon Ramsay settles on 3 items and is not pleased with any of them on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. When he confronts Cece about this, she blows up and starting screaming and cursing away. When he questions the staff they agree that she is always like this. Finally, Gordon Ramsay has had enough of CeCe’s childish tirade and walks out. After cooling off, Chef Ramsay returns to Anna Vincenzo’s to make another attempt at helping and he observes their dinner service, which is horrific. He watches plate after plate come back to the kitchen with one complaint after another and realizes this restaurant and it’s owner need his help more than he thought.


Many tantrums later, and after Gordon Ramsay had redone Anna Vincenzo’s restaurant, CeCe realizes he is seriously there to help her and not hurt her. So she decides to put in an effort and try to get along and make this place work on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. First things first as Gordon Ramsay cuts their menu down by more than half of it’s original items, which will not only save the restaurant money but also allow more freshness, which is something they were not doing in the past. Instead, they were serving customers mushy, frozen food which is the reason they have no more customers.

In a huge effort to relaunch Anna Vincenzo’s restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX, Gordon Ramsay got the involvement of a few local radio stations and set up a pizza making contest in which he set up members of the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat and Florida Panthers to participate in. The three teams each created their own pizza’s and both CeCe and her dad agreed that the best pizza was made by the Miami Dolphins. The contest had a huge turnout and was a complete success in the start of relaunching the restaurant.

Later that night at dinner service, CeCe appeared to have a new lease on the restaurant. There was a brief moment when it appeared that she may go back to her old ways, but after a quick breather she calmed down and they successfully completed their dinner service on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. Cece was in her glory when she chatted with the customers after their meals and heard nothing but praises, something she had not heard in a long time. Anna Vincenzo’s was finally back on the right track and after checking in with them again, we learned that they are still doing well and hope the future remains bright.

Another success story for Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX.

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