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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — James Happy With His Edit

March 26, 2010 04:44 PM by Ryan Haidet


The first two times he played Survivor, James Clement was voted as the fan favorite by the end of the game.  This season on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, James won’t likely be awarded that title since we’ve seen a whole different side of his temper.  In a conference call with reporters after his elimination this week, James discussed his leg injury, his portrayal this season and explained everything about banana etiquette.

Question: What exactly happened to your leg?

James Clement: I tore my ACL.

Question: How did you get hurt?  Was it the physical aspect of the challenge?

James: I have to be cursed. …  It had nothing to do with the challenge.  I have never been hurt in my entire life.  The second show was the first time I have ever been in the hospital.  Now I wound up in the hospital again.  I need to figure out something to get this spell off of me.  It definitely wasn’t the challenge, it was just bad luck.  I just don’t understand — I get hurt on the beach, man.  I dig graves for a living in the hot sun with a shovel.  Just bad luck.  Just one of those things.


Question: What did you think was wrong with the Heroes?

James: Everybody wanted to be the top chef and nobody wanted to be the sou chef.  Nobody wanted to cut the onions, everybody wanted to make the soup.

Question: How did it feel losing so many challenges?

James: It wasn’t that we were losing, it was the fact that we weren’t playing as a team.  It was the fact that a certain group caused us not to perform at our best ability, and that’s the thing that was upsetting.  I don’t mind losing if we play together and the game plan holds true.  It’s called a plan for a reason, it’s not called a plan not to follow it.


Question: You are being portrayed differently this season — in a much more negative light.  Do you think you still have a lot of fans out there?

James: I hope I do.  The thing is, I actually love the editing.  I love to be actually depicted to where I’m talking about teamwork (and it’s) making me look like I’m angry and super aggressive all the time when I was only saying we should work as a team.  The only thing is, it hurts my mama’s feelings.  Haha.  My poor mama seeing me as being super aggressive and mean all the time kind of upset her.  But hopefully my fans like me because that’s pretty much who I was.  I just wanted everybody to work as a team.  I have tone issues, and I may come off as being aggressive.  But if you look at the things I was saying, and not my mannerisms that I really was trying to speak for the best of what was going on.


Question: Do you think your edit is accurate?

James: I have learned that I have tone issues.  I love the edit.  That’s me.  That’s who I am.  I’m like Popeye.  I am who I am.  They edit me as aggressive, but if you truly listen to what I was saying, I was saying, “Work as a team.  Do it together.”  I wasn’t trying to boss.  I was saying, “Listen to the person we chose to lead us at the time, and pull the rope together.”


Question: You seem to have a strong relationship with Amanda.  Is that true?

James: Of course I’d be close to Amanda.  The last few years of my life, I’ve starved and died and struggled in the jungle with her.  She helped me socially figure out how to eat bananas.  Amanda’s been helping me out with a lot of stuff.  So yeah, I have a strong relationship with her.  As I should because I’ve been on the show with her three times.

Question: How tragic was it to see how weak Colby was?

James: Honestly it was one of the most dramatic things of my life. …  It was weird because Colby was what I aspired to be when I watched the show.  I loved the show.  I thought Colby was the best ever.  He got there, and it was not the fact that he wasn’t winning the challenges.  He wasn’t doing anything.  It just seemed like he wasn’t motivated.


Question: Do you think it’s accurate when other people say Rupert was annoying around camp?

James: My thing is, Rupert worked so hard and Rupert did his thing.  Rupert kept fire.  He likes to be the pirate.  Ain’t nothing wrong with being a pirate.  Let him do his thing.  That’s Rupert — that’s who he is.  I can’t fault nobody for what they do.

Question: Do you regret playing again?

James: Oh, no I don’t regret doing it this time.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  I especially liked the editing of how I’m being a bully and how I’m being super aggressive talking about working as a team, and focusing and listening to one person. …  Yeah, I would definitely do it again.  Chance to win some more money, chance to have more fun on the beach.  It would be an easy decision for me — yes I would do it again.


Question: A lot of comments on reality sites have people saying you take steroids.  Do you?

James: Hahaha!  I love that because it’s so funny.  You have to see my sister.  When you see my sister — like I tell everybody — I’m just like this.  If you see my sister you’d be like, “OK.”  My family is just muscular.  I don’t even work out.  I don’t do nothing anymore, I just kind of work and hang out.  Nobody believes me until they see my sister.  My sister is bigger than I am.  Everybody likes asking that question.

Question: Can you explain to us banana etiquette?

James: Honestly, banana etiquette was some crazy, preposterous kind of politically correct thing people use to make a person look like they’re being an animal — they’re not being civilized.  I really don’t believe in it.  When you’re hungry, you go up and get a banana you shouldn’t have to ask everybody if they want a banana. …  You shouldn’t have to every time make a glamorous statement.  “Did you want a banana?  I’m hungry.  Are you hungry?”


Question: Where did that even come from?

James: It was really like Lord of the Flies sometimes out there.  People just make their own rules.  They fly by the seat of their pants.  Really?  Banana etiquette?  I wasn’t eating anymore bananas than everybody else.  Colby and Tom were eating bananas and blaming it on me, which was kind of cute.  It was just a play to get me out.  I’m cripple and I eat all the bananas.  They’re doing their thing, they’re playing the game.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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