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The Marriage Ref: Why Natalie Morales Joined The Show

March 26, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


NBC‘s The Marriage Ref has certainly had no problem drawing big-named talent to the show. From Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey to Ricky Gervais and Madonna, the show has attracted some of the most successful celebrities in show business so it’s no wonder that NBC news correspondent, Natalie Morales, said yes when they asked her to participate. The Today show reporter opens up about why she agreed to do the show, her favorite arguments thus far, and her own secret to a successful marriage…

Essentially Natalie Morales is serving as a reporter of sorts on NBC‘s The Marriage Ref but instead of reporting on health care reform or Obama’s administration, she’s researching facts about pole dancing and at-home urinals. The NBC news anchor said she had hesitations about appearing on The Marriage Ref when she was first offered the job. “They came to me because they were looking for someone who has a name, a following, and deals with news, information and facts because that was the role they were looking for. When you sign yourself up for a recurring role … you always weigh how it’s going to be perceived.”

After talking it over with her boss at NBC News, Natalie Morales decided to give it a try and now she’s having a blast researching facts for the arguments featured on The Marriage Ref. “It seems kind of crazy to think of all the issues we’ve talked about, from pole dancing —how many calories it burns and how some people view it as a form of exercise — to things like a guy wanting to put a urinal in his house. Half the time I’m like, is this for real?”

Morales says the funniest argument she’s seen thus far on The Marriage Ref was from the first episode with “the husband who stuffed his dead dog.” While being on the show has definitely entertained her, it’s also helped her in her own marriage. “It makes you look at your own arguments and be like, ‘Honey, at least we’re not fighting about something like that,’” Morales says. She says that in her opinion the secret to a successful marriage is give and take. “Both my husband and I have crazy schedules. We’ve got two boys, so it’s really about balancing and trying to find the right formula for making it work. There are days when I feel like I’m doing everything, and I’m sure there are days when he feels that he’s doing a lot at home. Day in and day out, it’s a juggling act between the two of us. So, it’s [about] trying to find some time together at the end of the night and just decompress.”

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  1. David Says:
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:16 am

    People would be amazed of how much deception, lies, racism, sex, drugs, and spouse swapping goes on in big corporations. Especially with the celebrities you see everyday.


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