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The Biggest Loser: Red Team’s Lance Talks About Life After The Ranch

March 27, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Fans of NBC‘s The Biggest Loser were surprised this past week to see Lance get sent home after his team fell below the yellow line. He and his partner, Melissa, stirred up a lot of drama this season when they were accused early on of game playing but denied it, leading to a massive blow-up with both Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. Lance opens up about being eliminated, how losing weight has changed his marriage, and what life is like after The Biggest Loser ranch…

Lance Morgan is the most recent player to be eliminated from NBC‘s The Biggest Loser after an episode that had the contestants returning home for a week. Obviously saddened to not make it to the end, Lance is grateful for the opportunity to compete on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser alongside his wife, Melissa and says the experience changed their marriage. “My being overweight was a big problem in our marriage because I couldn’t work anymore, so you throw the financial stress in there. That’s probably the number one cause of problems in relationships now and obviously I haven’t gotten to go back to work yet, but I will be going back to work soon. It helped a lot, being on the Ranch. Our communication is better than it was before. Much better,” Lance says.

Lance, who has lost 106 pounds to date, says that adjusting to life at home has certainly been a challenge, especially since he and Melissa live an hour from the gym. “It’s tough. We do some workouts at home and we also drive about an hour to a gym in Abilene. We’ve got a little bit of equipment in the house. My wife usually gets on the treadmill and I usually do some light weights and we ride our bicycles quite a bit. It’s much harder to do it at home because you have so many distractions — there’s always a load of laundry or dishes or something to do but it can be done. You’ve got to get your mind set. You’ve just got to stick with your plan,” Lance says.

Although he obviously didn’t win the competition, Lance says the lessons he learned on The Biggest Loser ranch are invaluable. The most important lesson? “Nutrition, by far. I never even thought about counting calories. I never thought about the food I was putting in my mouth, the quality of food I was putting in my mouth. Literally, the first two weeks I was there it was like, ‘I get it.’ I understand now where I failed all those times trying to diet before. It’s not a diet. It’s an entire lifestyle,” he says.

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