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Amazing Race: The Island Of Seychelles

March 28, 2010 07:18 PM by Nancy Floyd


The six remaining teams on CBS‘ The Amazing Race leave France behind for the islands of Seychelles. Nearly every team makes mistakes in challenges involving sunken treasure, coconut carting, and tortoise racing. It’s a close race for the six teams as they struggle to reach the finish line. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s tense episode…

Tonight on The Amazing Race, the remaining six teams depart from France to travel to the islands of the Seychelles. Since Louie & Michael were the first team to finish last week, they’re the first to depart on this leg of the race. Teams must fly to the Seychelles, a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. Louie & Michael’s lead doesn’t matter much since all six teams will be traveling on the same flight. At the airport in Paris, Louie & Michael and Jet & Cord opt to eat while the other teams race to the check-in to try to secure seats near the front of the plane. Brent & Caite score seats in one of the first few rows which pays off big time when they land. While Carol & Brandy, Louie & Michael, and Jet & Cord wait to get off the plane, Brent & Caite are able to race to the kiosk to get their next clue.

The first three teams to arrive at the kiosk are flying by helicopter to the Island of La Digue. That includes Brent & Caite, Steve & Allie, and Dan & Jordan. The remaining three teams have to wait an hour to depart. During the chopper ride, Brent & Caite take time to admire the beautiful scenery and simultaneously bash Carol & Brandy, Steve & Allie enjoy a moment of prayer, and Dan & Jordan sing a song about rainbows. On the island of La Digue, the teams must compete in tonight’s Detour: Turtle Toddle or Ox Trot.

In Turtle Toddle, teams must use a banana to lead a giant tortoise across the lawn, then carry a large bunch of bananas 1.5 miles to deliver them to the harbor. In Ox Trot, teams must load a cart full of coconuts (without dropping any), attach an ox to their cart, and travel the 1.5 miles to the harbor. Brent & Caite are the first to arrive and decide to go for the Ox Trot challenge. Steve & Allie use unfailing logic to decide what Detour to attempt. Steve says, “I’ve never met an ox that I could trust and turtles are cool, man.” You can’t argue with foolproof reasoning like that. It’s Turtle Toddle for the father-daughter team.


Brothers Dan & Jordan opt for the Ox challenge as well, while the three trailing teams (Cowboys Jet & Cord, Detectives Louie & Michael, and Lesbians Carol & Brandy) finally depart by helicopter. Brent & Caite finish loading their cart and hook the ox up. What they fail to notice is that a coconut has bounced out of their cart onto the ground. Imagine that….Brent & Caite overlooked a crucial detail. Shocking. As they struggle to get their ox to move, they admiringly refer to each other as “frickin’ idiots.” That’s true love in action. Meanwhile, Steve & Allie’s tortoise finishes the race and the father-daughter duo pass Brent & Caite on their way to the harbor.

Dan & Jordan are much more meticulous when loading their cart full of coconuts, taking note of any that may have bounced out. As Dan & Jordan hook up their pooping ox to the cart, they name him Box and make their way to the harbor. Meanwhile, Louie & Michael arrive and opt for the Ox Detour, while Carol & Brandy choose the Turtle Detour and notice that Steve & Allie’s bags are still lying on the ground. Jet & Cord also choose the Ox challenge, while Steve & Allie are the first to arrive at harbor and receive the next clue. Now they must travel by boat to St. Pierre Island.

Dan & Jordan manage to pass a fighting Brent & Caite by ox and make it to the harbor in second place. Not surprisingly, Brent & Caite are pissed when they arrive at the harbor and are told that there aren’t enough coconuts in their cart. Brent wants to quit and Caite gets whiny. Around the same time, as Steve & Allie are traveling by boat to St. Pierre, they realize they’ve left their backpacks at the Turtle Detour and wrestle with whether or not they should go back to get them. Allie makes a convincing argument for going back for the bags (her make-up is in there), while Steve tries to convince her it’s not worth it. He wins the Sweet Dad Award for telling her she’s too beautiful to need make-up anyways. Awwww! He convinces her to forget about the bags and focus on the race. It looks like these two will be competing in their swimsuits from now on.

Brent & Caite finally decide to ride their ox back to the Detour and look for their lost coconut. Carol & Brandy struggle with the Turtle challenge, as Louie & Michael and Jet & Cord finish loading their coconuts. Steve & Allie are the first to arrive at St. Pierre and find their next clue with details about tonight’s Roadblock. One member from each team must snorkel underwater, find a case of bottles, and untie one to bring to the surface of the water. They must then assemble a map located inside the bottle to find the location of tonight’s Pit Stop.


Sick of dealing with a uncooperative tortoise, Carol & Brandy decide to switch to the Ox Detour. Meanwhile, Steve & Allie complete the Roadblock just as Dan & Jordan arrive. Brent & Caite lead their Ox back to the site of the Detour and find their lone coconut lying on the ground. Carol & Brandy start the Ox challenge, as Jet & Cord finish…sort of. They unknowingly drop a coconut as well but leave without it. Carol & Brandy have their first emotional breakdown of the night as they realize they’re in last place. Steve & Allie and Dan & Jordan swim to shore and begin putting together their maps quickly. Steve & Allie figure out the clue and race to the Pit Stop where they finish in first place and subsequently win an oceanside dinner, massages, a lifetime supply of 7-Up, and $7,000 each. Hopefully that’s enough to replace their belongings that were left behind in their backpacks. Dan & Jordan are right behind them and finish in second place.

Brent & Caite and Jet & Cord are neck-in-neck when they arrive at the harbor, but not surprisingly the Cowboys are told they need to return to the Detour to retrieve their lost coconut. Meanwhile, Carol & Brandy also drop a coconut at the Detour that goes unnoticed. Focus, people! Shortly before reaching St. Pierre island, Brent & Caite catch up to Louie & Michael. Jet & Cord retrieve their missing coconut at the Detour site, as Carol & Brandy grapple with their own fate. After arguing with the man at the harbor, they finally return to the Detour to find their last coconut. This, of course, leads to emotional breakdown #2 of the evening.

Brent & Caite are the next team to arrive at St. Pierre and retrieve information about the Roadblock, with Louie & Michael right behind them. Jet & Cord quickly change into board shorts (but keep the cowboy hats on) and head out to St. Pierre island where they quickly complete the Roadblock. When Brent & Caite and Louie & Michael arrive onshore with the Pit Stop map, they decide to work together in hopes of preventing either the Lesbian Team or the Cowboy Team from advancing. Brent & Caite then finish in third place with Louie & Michael in fourth place. As both teams talk with The Amazing Race‘s host, Phil Keoghan, they’re in agreement about hoping that Carol & Brandy are sent home. Such agreement that Brent says it’s “anonymous.” Um…perhaps you mean unanimous there, pal. And who says models are stupid??

Meanwhile, out in the ocean, Jet & Cord jump off their boat, but leave their bottle behind. Fortunately, once they arrive on shore they’re lucky enough to find the Pit Stop in fifth place, but get the bad news that they can’t technically finish until they’ve opened their bottle. That means they have to swim back out to the boat to retrieve the bottle before finishing. As Jet & Cord swim back to their boat, they spot Carol & Brandy coming into shore. As Carol & Brandy struggle to follow their map, Jet & Cord race back to shore in search of the Pit Stop. Unfortunately, Carol & Brandy beat them by minutes and finish in fifth place. Jet & Cord finish in last place, but are relieved to learn this is a non-elimination leg of the race. On next week’s episode of The Amazing Race, Jet & Cord will need to complete a Speed Bump, a special task specifically for them.

Tune into The Amazing Race next Sunday on CBS when the six remaining teams head to Malaysia where Jet & Cord seem to struggle to stay in the race.

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