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Dancing With The Stars: Jake Pavelka Talks About Accepting ABC’s Offer & Vienna’s Support

March 28, 2010 12:44 PM by Nancy Floyd


Just two days before The Bachelor‘s season finale aired, Jake Pavelka was shocked to get an offer from ABC to appear on Dancing With the Stars. Naturally, he said yes but not without first checking with his fiancee, Vienna Girardi. Jake Pavelka opens up about his reaction to ABC‘s offer to do the show, his struggles in dance rehearsal, and whether or not he thinks his unpopular choice on The Bachelor will affect his votes…

Jake Pavelka was floored when he was offered the chance to appear on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. Incredibly flattered at first, he couldn’t give the network an answer until he checked with new fiancee, Vienna Girardi. Fortunately, she was more than a little supportive! “ABC approached me just before the final [Bachelor] episode, like two days before. I was really flattered and wanted to say, ‘Yes, yes, yes! I will, I will, I will!’ But I told them I had to think about it because I had promised Vienna we’d go to Dallas and start working on the relationship. I told her and she goes, ‘You didn’t tell them yes?!’” Pavelka says with a laugh, adding, “She got more excited than I did. She’s gotten onboard and has been awesome.”

Despite a respectable performance on the season premiere, The Bachelor admits he’s been struggling to learn the routines, especially the upcoming Jive. “I look at myself in the mirror and I feel dumb….It’s funny because it’s such a wild, physical ride. I mean, nobody wants to look dumb. It doesn’t matter who you are! It’s not every move, but it’s particular parts of the routine that you’re trying to build up your emotions. It’s a fun dance, a fast dance. You’re trying to make yourself look good. I do that macho thing where I try to appear confident with the moves, but I’m not,” Pavelka says.

Fans of The Bachelor were shocked when Pavelka picked Girardi over sweet runner-up, Tenley Molzahn, on the dating competition’s finale. Does he worry that his choice will affect his votes on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars? “I can’t control that. I can only keep my chin as straight up as I possibly can and, like on The Bachelor, just take everybody for a ride. If they feel I’m worthy of another week, then they’ll call in and vote. If they don’t, I’ll leave the competition the best dancer I can possibly be. I already feel so over-blessed to have this opportunity,” he says.

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