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Dancing With The Stars 03/29/10: Week Two Elimination on The Horizon

March 29, 2010 07:24 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last week over 39 million viewers tuned in to see the premiere of season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. Tonight the most exciting cast yet hit the floor for round two and the pressure became intense. Who held onto their nerves and who failed? Tomorrow night the judges will combine last week’s scores with those from this week and one star will be eliminated. Will it be your favorite? Hopefully your vote will keep them in the running!

dancing with the stars shannen-doherty-and-mark-ballas

The first couple up tonight on Dancing With the Stars was Shannen and Mark dancing the Jive. Shannen was having a difficult time memorizing the routine and was hoping to dumb down her routine as last week the judges thought that the routine was too difficult for her. Mark disagreed! She came out in a cute black tuxedo dress to match Mark’s tux. The routine was difficult and she gave it her all. Her father was in the crowd cheering her on and she cutely gave him a big kiss. Len thought that her routine lost a little control, Bruno liked her energy and encouraged her to keep the weight on her toes and Carrie Ann still thought that it should have been simpler, but was happy that Mark kept the difficulty in the routine. They received a score of 28 out of 30.

Next up was Aiden and Edyta. Last week he failed to turn on the Cha Cha Cha and he landed in second to last place. Tonight they were dancing the Fox Trot and it was crucial that they do well tonight. The pressure seemed to be getting to Aiden and he threatened to leave if Edyta wasn’t patient. She should have kicked his ass out the door and sent him home. Such a baby!  Edyta looked delightful in her pink dress and Aiden seemed to have controlled his emotions. His schmoozing with the judges didn’t improve his dancing ability. Will he be on the chopping block tomorrow? Bruno said he saw a glimmer of hope for Aiden, but still gets his knickers in a twist. Carrie Ann told him that he did a nice job and the dance flowed through him. Len said that his footwork was better than last week. They received 19 out of 30.

dancing with the stars evan-lysacek-and-anna-trebunskaya

The nerve racking night continued with Evan and Anna. Other than chemistry last week, the dancers did very well. Tonight they were performing the Jive and they wanted to put the happy into it. Evan and Anna were dancing this week for his hometown and they surely made everyone there proud! They definitely did not lack chemistry this week. Carrie Ann said that they had great energy and had a lot of control. Both Len and Bruno thought that they had a lot of chemistry too! They received triple 8′s a 24 out of 30.

Niecy was excited tonight about getting the Fox Trot and was concerned about her and Louis’ communication. She just wasn’t getting it. She had never been described as graceful, but tonight she certainly was. I love this girl! The dance was so cute, with Louis proposing at the end. Len said the dance was sexy and that Niecy was a revelation. Bruno told her the dance was like a strawberry milkshake and Carrie Ann tried to catch a lift but couldn’t! Their score tonight was triple 7′s a 21 out of 30.

The Bachelor‘s Jake and Chelsey were hoping to captivate all of the judges this week, not just Carrie Ann. They were dancing the Jive and Jake was feeling overwhelmed. He dropped Chelsey so many times and told her that he couldn’t do what she was asking. She didn’t give in and during the routine he proved that he could nail it. Jake is a sweet geek and looked awesome in his plaid jacket! Bruno thought that Jake’s energy and determination were great, but his precision was off. Carrie Ann again was with the lift!!! Len thought that Jake was a little heavy, but hoped that he stayed tomorrow night as he had great potential. The score was 20 out of 30.

dancing with the stars buzz-aldrin-and-ashly-costa

Buzz and Ashly danced next. The former astronaut had to have the steps drawn out on a map for his Fox Trot. This rocket scientist was drawing a new chapter in his life and this week his wife came in to give him a pep talk. Their song Fly Me To The Moon was perfect! He is a terrible dancer, but he is so charming and reminds me of my own father. I think he may be the first to go this week! Carrie Ann thought his routine was tender, but his dancing was trepidatious. Len said that Buzz inspired people and Bruno said that the man in the moon looked like he was avoiding craters! Their score was triple 4′s 12 out of 30.

The Pussycat Doll set the bar for the season last week and this week she and Derek were hoping to keep it up with their Jive. They had a blast during their practice, but the song wasn’t what they were hoping. Nicole was hoping not to tick Len off as she is a little afraid of him. They danced to a Rhianna song and Len thought that parts of the dance was fantastic, but he wasn’t a great fan of most of it. Bruno thought it was phenomenal and had never seen a Jive that good in all of his years at the beginning of the show and Carrie Ann agreed. They received 28 out of 30. With two perfect 10′s! She is smokin’ hot!

Last week Erin delighted Len with her funky monkey dance, but this week she had to do the Fox Trot and was thinking her tom boy personality would bring her down. Erin and Maks looked beautiful together as they glided across the dance floor. She was very graceful in her beautiful pink gown. Bruno felt that Erin was a natural. Len thought that Erin should turn up, keep up and shut up so that she could trust in her pro dancer Maks. 23 out of 30 was their score tonight.

dancing with the stars pamela-anderson-and-damian-whitewood

Pamela and her partner Damian left Bruno begging for more last week and this week with their Fox Trot they were going old time romantic. She looked like Marylin Monroe in her silver sequined dress. I cannot believe just how great she moves across the floor. Carrie Ann said that Pamela is very versatile and Len said that she was elegant and had cheeky charm. Bruno said that her dance was well executed. They received 22 out of 30 tonight.

Chad and Cheryl were dancing next and he had the flirty attitude going tonight. He was performing his best for a sweet kiss from the famous Cheryl Burke. They were hoping their Fox Trot would put them on top tonight. Cheryl was sweet looking in her blue low back gown and Chad tried to be as smooth as he could be, but he fell short. I think he has the major hots for Cheryl! Len said that the dance was terrible and like the snow…glad when it is all over. Bruno said that he looked uncomfortable and Carrie Ann said that Chad has great potential, but has to understand his movement and let it go. They received 16 out of 30 tonight.

dancing with the stars kate-gosselin-and-tony-dovolani

In the final spot on Dancing With the Stars was the woman who got off to a rocky start last week, Kate Gosselin and her partner Tony. Dancing was not natural to her and Tony was getting angry as she wasn’t listening to his direction. She was as bossy towards Tony as she was to her husband on her reality show. Tony was ready to walk out the door and quit. I would be pissed too, she is a pain in the ass and kept saying she didn’t get it? What? Couldn’t get the fact that she was bossing around a pro dancer and cannot give up control for once in her life! Tony returned and apologized to Kate and she understood that she can be difficult at times. They danced a funky Jive, but Kate obviously did not listen to his direction. She was awful! Bruno said that Kate turned the song into a nightmare and moved like a Step-ford wife! Hahaha, that was a great visual. Carrie Ann said at least she made it through the whole routine and nailed her for a couple lifts! Len told her the nerves are breaking her and she should go out fighting! Is she leaving tomorrow???? Their score was 15 out of 30.

Tomorrow on the first elimination show of season 10, the special guests will be the Beach Boys. Dancing With the Stars airs at 9 PM ET on ABC!

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