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Dancing With The Stars: Tony Dovolani Regrets Telling Kate Gosselin ‘I Quit’

March 30, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Last night on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, viewers witnessed a tense exchange between dance pro, Tony Dovolani, and his celebrity partner, Kate Gosselin. During the video footage from their rehearsal, a frustrated Tony Dovolani walked out on Gosselin, telling her he quit. Now the dance professional speaks out about his behavior and shares his regret…

One couple on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars that certainly doesn’t seem to be getting along so well is dance pro Tony Dovolani and reality TV mom, Kate Gosselin. During rehearsal footage, the pair got so frustrated with each other that Dovolani walked out on a teary-eyed Gosselin. Tony Dovolani shares his regret after viewing the tense footage. ”I don’t like speaking when I am upset, and I don’t ever want to bring back words that I don’t mean, and ‘I quit’ I guess was one of them,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “And I only said one word, and I guess that’s the one I take back.”

“It was a a tough 30 seconds, and they showed every second of it,” Gosselin says of the footage.”I don’t mind the reality part of it. The reality is, it is very, very tough. I am not a dancer. I’ve said it a million times, and it is so true in that sense of that word – I am not a dancer. So, for me to even be out there … Ok, so I forgot half my steps? The fact that I didn’t fall is truly amazing.”

The footage that aired on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars showed the Jon & Kate plus 8 star criticizing Tony Dovolani’s style as a teacher. “He feels like I undermine him as a teacher,” she said in the clip, later telling Dolovani, “I love how you teach, but you’re not taking into consideration how I learn.” Frustrated and angry, Dolovani left to Gosselin’s surprise and disappointment. After cooling off, Dovolani returned to rehearsals, and was thanked by Gosselin who said, “I’ve had a lot of people quit on me in life.”

The pair gave a poor performance on last night’s episode of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, earning only 15 points for their routine which Bruno Tonioli called “a nightmare.” The couple didn’t sit together during the rest of the episode but afterwards, Gosselin hugged him and apologized.

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