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The Biggest Loser: Singles Again!

March 30, 2010 07:44 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC, two eliminated losers will be coming back to the ranch for another chance to join the other contestants for a chance to become The Biggest Loser. With the teams shifting back to singles this week as well, how will the contestants fare? Keep reading for all the details!

The Biggest Loser on NBC kicks off this week by breaking the teams back into singles….yep, no more teams! But that is not the only surprise in store for the contestants this week as all of the eliminated losers are brought back for another chance at the joining in at the ranch. The twist is that they must be voted in! After each of the eliminated losers has a chance to plead their case, the contestants each get a chance to vote for whom they would like back.

The contestants each had a chance to place their votes as singles, and while it looked like John was a sure fire back in with 3 votes, Victoria caught up with 3 votes. As Michael was the last person to cast his vote, he broke the tie by voting for Victoria on The Biggest Loser on NBC. But, alas this was not the only twist for the evening. One more contestant would be allowed back in the house by winning a fitness challenge consisting of doing 1000 steps on a stair stepper. Miggy & Melissa were neck in neck in this one, but much to my dismay, Melissa won the challenge and would be joining Victoria and the others back in the house.

Singles week was not shy of drama either on The Biggest Loser on NBC as rumors were spreading that Stephanie had thrown the weigh in 2 weeks ago so that Sherry would be sent home. Frustrated, Ashley confided in Koli who stated very clearly that he did not trust Stephanie at all. When Ashley and Andrea questioned Stephanie about it, she denied throwing any weigh in’s. Stephanie was very distraught over this and had a nice heart to heart with Jillian about it all, who told her that she cannot try to control everything…wonder if it would affect her weight loss this week?


At the last chance workout as singles on The Biggest Loser on NBC Bob & Jillian worked all the contestants hard, even Victoria and Melissa even though they were given immunity this week. Bob was pleased to see that Victoria was making healthy food choices and had showed her how to properly portion meals so she could cook in bulk. Victoria had a tough time at the workout though, but if she keeps at it, I am sure she will do just fine…we shall see next week.

Let’s see how the contestants fared at this week’s weigh in:

Oneal from 295 to 291 (-4)

Michael from 389 to 381 (-8)

Daris from 244 to 237 (-7)

Koli from 287 to 281 (-6)

Sunshine from 208 to 202 (-6)

Melissa from 182 to 178 (-4)

Victoria from 285 to 283 (-2)

Andrea from 232 to 227 (-5)

Sam from 264 to 262 (-2)

Ashley from 276 to 271 (-5)

Stephanie from 199 to 198 (-1)


That meant that both Sam and Stephanie were in the bottom this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC. They both pleaded their cases and sat hand in hand at the table waiting for the results. Koli started by voting for Stephanie, followed by Melissa who voted for Sam. Then it was two more votes for Stephanie and if she got one more she was going home.

Ashley was up next to vote and with tears in her eyes, lifted her platter to reveal Stephanie’s name, meaning Stephanie was going home. Stephanie, however has lost 90 lbs to date and looked fantastic as she was dress shopping for her 30th birthday party. She also admitted to finding love, which we knew from a few weeks ago that she & Sam were a couple. Best of luck to Stephanie, who hopes to be a size 8 by the finale, can;t wait to see if she is!

BeforeThe Biggest Loser on NBC ended for the evening, we also got to meet Wayne, a 600+ lb man who was inspired by the show and decided to try and follow it at home. He succeeded as he lost over 400 lbs at home! Congrats to Wayne!

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. See you after the show!

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