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America’s Next Top Model: Vampire Craze

March 31, 2010 08:24 PM by Nancy Floyd

America's Next Top Model

Things get a little messy on tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. The ten remaining model wannabes compete in a CoverGirl challenge, do a little improv, get in a screaming match, and pose in a tub of fake blood. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s multiple bloodbaths…

The ten remaining competitors on America’s Next Top Model tackle improv, acting, and vampires on tonight’s episode. First things first: Whiny McWhinerson (Brenda) is getting a makeover! Her Molly Ringwald ‘do just ain’t working for her. Will her new look keep her from being likened to a Chucky doll? With the catty women living in the house, the outlook’s not good.

Before Brenda’s makeover is revealed, the America’s Next Top Model contenders must face tonight’s challenge: improv. Channeling their inner Wayne Brady, the ten models must act out various improv scenarios while expressing random emotions. Hey girls, pretend to be shocked while changing a tractor tire! Really?! Is this a viable skill that is ever going to be useful to these ladies after America’s Next Top Model is over? Doubt it. But it makes for darn good TV!

Fortunately, hair stylist Sally shows up to give Chucky, er, Brenda her brand new look. Let’s pull out the clippers, shall we? Just when you think Brenda might end up looking like Sinead O’Connor, Sally trims up her sides and gives her virtually the same haircut (with slightly more trimmed sides). Shockingly, Brenda doesn’t seem too thrilled with her new 80′s punk ‘do, but the other ladies watch in delight as Brenda’s haircut goes from bad to worse.

America's Next Top Model

Now it’s time for a real challenge. The America’s Next Top Model contestants head to Times Square to compete in a CoverGirl commercial. The girls are required to do a voiceover to be played over some modeling footage. Seems simple enough. Yeah, not so much. Many of the girls falter, but Tatianna comes out on top and is declared the winner of the challenge. Her fun approach wins over actress Dania Ramirez who is judging tonight’s competition.

America's Next Top Model

Back at the loft, it’s time for a good old fashioned catfight. Drama instigator Anslee is frustrated that Alasia left some frozen vegetables out on the counter causing them to go bad. Alasia thought that it was necessary to leave them out to thaw. Given the fact that vegetables are probably the only things these girls eat, shouldn’t they know how to properly prepare and store them? I hardly eat vegetables but even I knew not to leave them sitting out on the counter overnight. Anslee then gets really condescending, Alasia doesn’t like her attitude, and Anslee pretty much goes from zero to crazy in 0.2 seconds. Just when you think there is no greater level of overreaction that a person can achieve, Alasia insults Anslee as a mother which brings out a whole other level of psycho. There’s screaming and counter slapping involved. It’s fantastic! Unfortunately, it ends too soon.

Next up, it’s time for the ladies to duke it out in tonight’s photo shoot. Jumping on the Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries bandwagon, the ladies will–shocker–be posing in a vampire-themed shoot tonight, complete with scary white contact lessons that make them look dead. Or at the very least, seriously disturbed. The girls will be posing as vampire victims and in keeping with the vampire craze of late, the bloodsuckers in the shoot are sexy male models.

America's Next Top Model

Jay is pleased with Alasia’s performance during the photo shoot. Alexandra continues to impress Jay with the way she works her body. Krista is too sweet to be a vampire (which seems a bit like stereotyping to me. Does Jay know nothing about the Cullen clan? Not all vampires are pure evil). Brenda is having issues with the scary white vampire contact lenses which leads to tears and (shocker) more whining. Jay gives her a pep talk and leads her to set where she ends up delivering a strong shoot. Tatianna seems just a tad bit too natural posing in a bathtub full of blood and I’m officially creeped out by her. Not surprisingly, Raina does amazing and Simone does poorly.

Back at the loft, Brenda is still whining about the painful contact lenses. Is this girl never happy? The girls speculate on how well they’re doing which leads to Anslee talking about how great she is and that she’s a mom (in case you missed that the first 85 times she mentioned it), Simone feels her picture will be awesome (total kiss of death), and Brenda is scared about her photo which leads to prayer. I’m no theologist, but I’m not sure God is in the business of granting catty mean girls great photos in their reality modeling competitions.

America's Next Top Model

It’s time for the ladies to meet with Tyra Banks and the judging panel. Joining photographer Nigel Barker and Andre Leon Talley in critiquing the ladies tonight is Dania Ramirez from the CoverGirl challenge. Tyra’s wearing another hideous jumpsuit, just for the record. It’s has tapered pants and puffy shoulder pads. Tatianna, winner of the Cover Girl challenge, is the first to face the firing squad, er, judging panel. The judges think Tatianna’s photo looks dramatic. Um, yeah. She’s posing in a bathtub full of blood with a sexy male model biting at her neck. That’s drama all right. Jessica gets in trouble for being too matchy-matchy because she’s wearing all black. This coming from the woman in the royal blue jumpsuit. Alasia’s looking sexy, Simone’s looking like a mannequin, Angelea’s neck is missing, Krista’s face is wrong, and Raina’s amazing. Alexandra’s photo is strong but she constantly poses the same way. Brenda’s legs are weird but her photo (and haircut) is considered good. Lastly, it’s Anslee’s turn and her photo is weak. None of this is made better by the fact that Anslee makes up excuses to explain her poor performance in this week’s challenge and photo shoot.

America's Next Top Model

After the judges deliberation, it’s time for Tyra Banks to break the news to the ten remaining models. Best picture winner is…..drum roll please……Alasia, for the second week in the row. Somehow her win gets turned into a rebuke when Tyra critiques the way she holds her arms when running up to receive her picture. Tatianna, Raina, Brenda, Alexandra, Angelea, Jessica, and Krista are all safe, leaving Anslee and Simone in the bottom two. Anslee manages to skate by, yet again, but not without Tyra giving her a quick quiz to make sure she’s learned her lesson about making excuses. Whose fault is it that you failed the photo shoot, Anslee? Yours!

Tune in for a brand new episode next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on America’s Next Top Model only on the CW Network.

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