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Shear Genius: Signature Styles & Camila Alves

March 31, 2010 08:27 PM by Jennifer


After last weeks elimination shocker where no one went home, there are still four stylist vying for the title of Shear Genius on Bravo. To Janine’s dismay, Brig is still in the competition. But tonight, they have a surprise VIP client. Who will be sent packing? Keep reading to find out!


The contestants wake up to find a note under their door, telling them their shortcut challenge will be to style a VIP client, and that they are heading to the Hollywood Hills where there mystery client will be revealed. Matthew, Janine, Brig and Jon are nervous to see who it may be, and it turns out they will be styling host Camila Alves! They each have 45 minutes to consult with her and create a look for a night out. But she has one pet peeve, that her hairline must be clean, very smooth. Matthew goes with a polished up-do, while Matthew burns her with the curling iron trying to create his look. Brig gave her a classic young up-do, and Janine left her hair down and wavy. Out of the four stylists, Camila chooses Matthews smooth updo as the best, and again he has an advantage their big elimination challenge.

Back at the Nexxus salon on tonight’s Shear Genius on Bravo, the contestants are told they must do three looks on two models that define their signature style. They are not thrilled to hear that for their first style, they will be styling themselves as well as a model!! They need to show the judges the style that defines them. Matthew gets to pick his models for the second first, and the remaining three draw scissor boxes to determine their models. Another surprise for them is their guest judge, Oribe, legendary stylists to the stars.

As the challenge starts, Brig tells her client that she is very bold, and that her style will reflect that. Jon is more of a rock and roll stylist, while Janine is very modern. Matthew is making his models have more of a natural look. Brig puts this thing on the top of her models hair that makes her look like she has a huge ball of cotton candy sticking out of her skull. I felt really bad for her two models. She said her signature look is something they would not wear out in public, and boy was she right.


With one minute left on the clock, the stylists scramble to finish their looks. As time is up, both they and their models have to pose for a photographer. Jon goes first, and created two looks, one a shorter messier look, and the second a long, sleek angled cut. Next is Janine, who has one model with a cut that is short on one side and long on the other with purple highlights, and another with straight bangs on an Afro of curls. Matthew’s model’s both have long hair, one with pin curls, and the other a long sleek look with a straight bang across the eyebrows. Then Brig comes in with her models. Judge Jonathan Antin thought she was joking, and actually asked what was going on, but he also threw the F word in there with it. Besides the cotton candy looking do, her other model had a very frizzy bouffant look. She makes you look at the styles twice, and it definitely reflects her weird, eccentric style. But will it be enough to win over the judges and keep her in the running to become the Shear Genius on Bravo?

It is time to face the Judges, Kim Vo, Oribe, Jonathan and Camila Alves. Matthew shows his looks first, and the judges think that his personal photo looks to preppy, but they do like his models hairstyles. Next is Brig, who is commended by Oribe for her styles, and the judges all agree that it reflects her style, but Jonathan says it is not great hair. Third is Jon, and the judges loved his looks on his models. Lastly, Janine tells the judges about her asian inspired styles, but they are not convinced that both looks reflect her personal style. As the judges deliberate, all four contestants look worried. When the judges bring them back in, they ask Matthew and Brig to step forward, naming them the top two. Brig won the challenge, and is going to the finale. This leaves Jon and Janine, and one will be going home. After telling them both that they did well but not good enough, and they have decided that it is time to cut Jon. So it is now down to the final three, Matthew, Janine & Brig. Who will be named Shear Genius on Bravo? Tune in next week to the season finale to find out!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to see who becomes Shear Genius on Bravo.

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