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The Bachelor Exclusive: Jake Pavelka’s Ex Thinks He Needs Therapy

March 31, 2010 05:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Jake Pavelka’s transition from star of ABC‘s The Bachelor to one-half of a supposedly happily engaged couple has been anything but smooth. Recent allegations from Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend, Tanya Douglas, have indicated that The Bachelor and fiancee, Vienna Girardi’s relationship may be a sham. We’ve got the exclusive scoop from Life & Style magazine about Tanya’s newest claims: Jake needs therapy!

Tanya Douglas, ex-girlfriend of Jake Pavelka, has stepped forward with new outrageous claims about The Bachelor star. In addition to alleging that Pavelka confessed his love to her after proposing to final rose recipient, Vienna Girardi, Tanya Douglas tells Life & Style magazine that The Bachelor star needs therapy. And according to Douglas, Pavelka’s mom agrees!

When Jake Pavelka was offered the chance to star on ABC‘s The Bachelor, he called his girlfriend at the time, Tanya Douglas, to discuss doing the show. According to Douglas, Pavelka was convinced he needed to star in the reality dating show as a direct order from God! His God-told-me-to-do-it claims didn’t sit well with Douglas or with Pavelka’s own mother. “He started crying and said, ‘Tanya, my mom said I need therapy,’” Tanya tells Life & Style. “I said, ‘Jake, I absolutely agree with her. I think you need counseling.’”

Jake didn’t heed the advice from the ladies in his life, opting instead to star on ABC‘s The Bachelor which led to his current gig on Dancing With the Stars. His time on The Bachelor concluded with an on-air proposal to love-to-hate-her contestant, Vienna Girardi. Despite cheating rumors, the couple claims to be blissfully in love, as evidenced by their very public displays of affection all over Los Angeles. But body language expert Patti Wood doubts that the couple’s relationship is sincere. “It’s a show kiss rather than a connection,” Wood tells Life & Style. “There’s more love for the camera than for each other.”

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