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Ghost Hunters: A Haunted Mansion

April 01, 2010 11:21 AM by Ryan Haidet


The Ghost Hunters headed back to New Jersey, but this time to a location suggested by Dave Tango’s father.  He had his own personal experience there one day when he was getting a tour.  He claimed somebody had placed a hand on his shoulder, gripped firmly and pulled him back, but when he turned around there was nobody there.  By far, this was the best episode of the season.  What did they find?  If you’re brave enough, read on…

They made there way to Southern Mansion, which was built during the Civil War for a Philadelphia lawyer.  Not only is the place extremely historical, but it’s believed to be exceptionally spooky.  In the kitchen, one of the cooks claimed watching glasses break on their own before his very eyes.  “You would just find a pile of glass dust,” he said.  Jason and Grant were really amused by that concept.  “It’s just the weirdest claim,” Jason said.  In the lower ballroom, one of the bartenders claimed she had been grabbed from behind — but there was nobody there.  In another part of the mansion there were reports of full-bodied apparitions of people from the Civil War period having a discussion.

The night security guard has also heard people giggling in the hallways throughout the years with unexplainable scents of flowers.

Lingering Smells

After the team set up their equipment, they shut off all the lights and started to investigate the ominous mansion.  Jason and Grant went upstairs to see what they could find surrounding the story of Ester — a well-known spirit at the mansion.  As soon as they got to the third floor, Jason and Grant started smelling perfume.  They sniffed all over the room, but couldn’t find the source.  What they did notice though was the smell was moving around the floor.  Suddenly, Jason heard footsteps coming up the staircase.  If that wasn’t enough, the duo also heard clothing moving and some sort of voice.  Moments later, the perfume smell returned as they both felt a cold spot right in front of them.  “Why is this smell following me?” Jason asked.  He moved to the other side of the hallway, and a few seconds later the smell was surrounding him again.


Amy and Kris were investigating in the kitchen, which seemed extremely phony to me.  It almost seemed like they were told what to say when talking about past ghostly experiences at other locations.  Moments later, they heard a sound in a nearby room.  A spirit?  Maybe one of the cameras or recorders captured it.


Tango was with his dad, who is a former police officer, as they sat in one of the rooms where people have seen full-bodied apparitions.  With their recorder rolling, the pair started asking the spirits questions.  They grabbed some glasses, sat at the bar and asked the ghost to join them.  Moments later, Tango’s dad said something had just touched his arm.  After that happened, they continued to challenge the spirit to make some sort of noise.

Next, the father-son team moved to the kitchen.  It didn’t take long before Tango’s dad saw something in the pantry area.  “I don’t know how to explain it really,” he said.  “It was like a shadow.”  He described seeing a red light from the pantry, too.  As they both stepped back and challenged the spirit again, they each apparently heard a noise.  But further investigation revealed a machine inside that was making the noise and creating a red light.  I guess Tango’s dad got too excited, too fast.

After they wrapped up the investigation, the TAPS team analyzed all of the evidence.  During the reveal, they showed the caretaker of the mansion everything they had captured.  She was very impressed with the evidence, especially video they caught of a door closing on its own.

This was a very cool investigation.

Image courtesy of SyFy.

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