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Models Of The Runway: Heidi Klum Design Elimination

April 01, 2010 09:51 PM by Lisa Princ


After Jonathan’s elimination on Project Runway for his horrid Heidi Klum design, will his model be following him on this week’s episode of Models of the Runway? Pressure mounts as it draws closer to the end, but why do we have two models leaving this week? Keep reading for all the details!

Tonight on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, the girls are shaken up over Valeria’s departure. Valeria decided upon getting a huge offer from DKNY that she would take it. She did get a chance to speak with Seth, who completely understood as the offer they had given her previously had now doubled. The models were excited to see Cerri return, but for how long would she be here?

And after Jonathan’s elimination, Brandise was worried that she is heading home. During the runway show, Brandise starts telling the girls that she wishes Jay would go home, leaving Brittany a little bit annoyed, but she bit her tongue and did not say a word. Of course, she was overjoyed to learn that Jay would not be going home.Brandise continues to go on and on about how horrible Jay’s designs are, but then admits that she has nothing again Jay, but she does not like Brittany….big shock there.


After a trip to the hair salon on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, it was time for elimination. Emilio kicked it off by choosing Lorena once again, followed by the Anthony who chose Monique after his win with her again. Seth was up next and after telling Cerri what a great job she had done, he then said he was choosing Kristina instead which was not a shock to Cerri. Mila chose Brandise, since she has worked with her in the past.

Jay was next up to choose on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, and after much deliberation and letting Cerri know that he admired her walk, he chose Brittany. This meant that Cerri was going home yet again, which she did not seem to mind at all. Best of luck Cerri, on to bigger and better things!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 11 PM EST for a brand new episode of Models of the Runway. See you after the show!

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