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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Battle Of The Strategists

April 01, 2010 07:22 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s hard to top anything in the game of Survivor from the moment we saw last week when Russell made the huge move in which he blindsided Tyson.  With that said, most of tonight’s episode showcased strategy amongst the Villains with lots of talk that eventually exploded into a clash between Boston Rob and Russell.

The morning of day 16 at the Villains camp, Boston Rob woke up stunned by the events at Tribal Council.  He couldn’t believe Russell and his allies were so arrogant when they are still in the minority 3-5.

Let one thing be clear — tonight’s episode was so heavily filled with strategy that this will be tough to sort out.  But here we go.


First up, at the beach Jerri joined Russell and Danielle.  “I think everybody is really depressed,” Jerri told Russell.  But even after she admitted she was upset, Russell felt like Jerri had a new level of respect for him because he was willing to risk elimination for one of his own allies.  Moments later, Parvati openly offered her an invitation to join their alliance.  Parvati felt like Jerri was jealous a man hasn’t done anything to save her in Survivor.

Brutal Basketball

In a water-logged basketball challenge, the tribes were battling for a trip to a waterfall with a big lunch of beef, chicken, tuna and fresh fruit.  With only one ball in play, the first team to score three baskets would win the challenge. In one of the most hysterical moments I’ve ever seen during a challenge, Coach made the wimpiest shots I’ve ever seen.


And it wasn’t even a contest, for the first time in a long time the Heroes were finally on the winning side of a challenge.


As they all arrived to the Reward and scarfed down their food, Candice found a clue to yet another hidden Immunity Idol.  Rupert was happy their heads were temporarily out of the game, but the Idol kept their minds stuck in strategy.  Amanda couldn’t hold back any longer and read the clue.  JT suggested they all look for it together as a tribe.  Oh please!  How lame?!?!?

The Dragonslayer & His Fair Maiden

Back at the beach, Russell vowed to Jerri that he wanted to go to the final three with her and Coach.  Although he joined the discussion, Coach didn’t seem too trusting of Russell’s promises.  But Jerri tried to persuade Coach to join their side.  “I really have no choice,” Coach said.


After Russell walked away, Jerri kept working on Coach.  She told him that Boston Rob has proven from past games he isn’t trustworthy.  But Coach was upset with Jerri because he felt she was trying to make decisions for him without consulting him at all.  In a confessional, Jerri said she truly does care about Coach, but she doesn’t see anything in his personality that proves he wants to win.  With Russell, she knows he’s motivated to win.

Immunity Challenge

The tribes faced off in a obstacle course in which they had to collect puzzle pieces.  The first tribe to collect all of the pieces and assemble the puzzle would win Immunity.  The Villains had an early lead, but Candice quickly made up a lot of time for the Heroes and passed up Courtney.  It came down to the puzzle once again.  Boston Rob and Sandra were up against JT and Amanda.  Jerri yelled from the sidelines they (Villains) would be fine since it was a puzzle.  “Patience will pay off,” Jeff Probst chimed.  The Heroes easily won Immunity as Boston Rob and Sandra struggled.


“We got whooped,” Russell said from the sidelines as Rupert roared with excitement.

More Strategy

Back at camp, Russell said in a confessional that his team’s performance at the Immunity Challenge was one of the most pitiful things he had ever seen.  At the beach, Boston Rob asked Russell what he wanted to do at Tribal Council.  As Courtney and Sandra sat with them, Russell pointed to both of them.  Boston Rob was astonished at Russell’s approach to openly targeting the women.

After short chatter here, Boston Rob went and talked to Coach who said they needed to target Courtney because she was too weak.  But Boston Rob was out for Russell’s blood.


In a confessional, Boston Rob’s true Survivor genius came out when he said the easiest way to get people to do what you ask them is to find what’s most important to them — with Coach, it’s his loyalty.

Later that day, Russell campaigned with his alliance of Parvati, Danielle and Jerri to get Coach on their side to blindside Boston Rob.  Coach seemed wary and still had trust issues with Russell.

Back at the shelter, Boston Rob realized he was now the intended target and talked to Jerri about the situation.  “I think you know what to do,” he said to her.  “I am at your mercy.  I don’t have a leg to stand on.”  He told Jerri that should can trust him in this one instance.  “You’re smart Jerri.”


Tribal Council

Sandra said the Villains tribe is all over the board and predicted that multiple players would receive votes.  After some simple banter, Boston Rob said losing Tyson was a big mistake.  Coach and Boston Rob both agreed that the alliances were becoming catastrophic to the tribe.  Russell then argued that Boston Rob had voted against him.  The chatter quickly turned to only the two of them.  “I don’t think you have the guts to do what I did at the last Tribal,” Russell said to Rob.  It was awkward watching Boston Rob almost seem like he knew there was a player who was able to outsmart him.


When all the votes were cast, Boston Rob was eliminated from the tribe.  Coach, who voted for Courtney, went to hug Boston Rob goodbye, but Rob rejected the farewell and questioned his character by calling him a little man.

Wow.  Boston Rob out this early.  Game on!


Images courtesy of CBS.

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