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The Marriage Ref: Jimmy Fallon, Kirstie Alley, & Sheryl Crow

April 01, 2010 08:20 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight’s episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref brings together late-night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, rock star Sheryl Crow, and comedienne and actress, Kirstie Alley. The three stars will be helping Tom Papa mediate in arguments about dummies, urinals, hairstyles, and dirty dishes. Keep reading for more details on what went down…

NBC‘s The Marriage Ref kicks off a new episode with a celebrity panel made up of Jimmy Fallon, Sheryl Crow, and Kirstie Alley. The first couple seeking mediation from the stars is junior high sweethearts, Jim and Lynda. Their issue? Jim is an amateur ventriloquist and Lynda is terrified of his puppets. She’s particularly disturbed by the fact that he leaves his dummies all over the house. Jim can’t understand Lynda’s problem and he’s extremely offended when she likens his puppets to a Chucky doll. That’s ventriloquism blasphemy.


The celebrity panel is equally disturbed by Jim’s vast collection of creepy dummies. Jimmy Fallon thinks one of the puppets is him and Sheryl Crow and Kirstie Alley agree that the puppets should be put into a dollhouse. Before making a call on the dilemma, The Marriage Ref needs some facts. Fortunately, NBC news correspondent, Natalie Morales, is standing by. It turns out that Jim isn’t a ventriloquist by trade. He’s actually an elementary school teacher. Thanks for that, Natalie. Those startling realizations change everything.

All three celebrities on the panel are basically in agreement: Jim should be able to keep the puppets, but needs to move them to a new location. It’s time for The Marriage Ref to make the call: Lynda wins! The puppets gotta go.

The second couple airing their dirty laundry on national television is Milt and Stacy, who have been married for six years. Milt wants to become a celebrity chef. Apparently that requires him to bleach his hair blonde. This greatly bothers Stacy. Personally, I think she should be more concerned with his Ed Hardy wardrobe and creepy soul patch but to each his own.


Kirstie Alley thinks Stacy should have no jurisdiction over her husband’s look, Sheryl Crow thinks Stacy’s a hypocrite because she’s dyed her hair since their wedding too, and Jimmy Fallon is more concerned about Milt’s oversized watch and Stacy’s oversized wine glass. Kirstie and Sheryl side with Milt on the dilemma, but Jimmy is in agreement with Stacy that Milt is crazy. The Marriage Ref agrees with Stacy that Milt needs to find a new look because Guy Fieri called and he wants his hairstyle back.

Now it’s time to check in with George and Ellena in Orlando, Florida. In the 12 years they’ve been married, George has cooked every meal, but he doesn’t want to anymore. Ellena pretty much demands a meal every night but George isn’t having it anymore. Despite the fact that George is retired and Ellena works a full-time job, he no longer wants to prepare her dinners. The celebrity panel is unanimous in their support of George. Perhaps he’d be a bit more willing to cook if Ellena was slightly more appreciative. Besides, George reminds everyone of Bill Cosby. Who wouldn’t vote in support of Bill Cosby? Not surprisingly, The Marriage Ref grants the victory to George. He also thinks George and Ellena should consider hiring Milt as their live-in chef.

The next couple on tonight’s episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref is from New Jersey. Brian and Caren have been married for 26 years. Brian wants to add a urinal to their bathroom. Caren’s not a fan. Brian is so set on getting a urinal that he has spent the past four or five years researching and shopping for one. That’s commitment. Caren is absolutely not budging on her no-urinal stance.


Before the celebrity panelists can make their decision, we need to get more facts from Natalie Morales. Her Rutgers degree is really being put to use as she shares the many styles of urinals available today. Kirstie and Sheryl thinks Brian should be allowed to have a urinal in one bathroom of the house, but Jimmy sides with Caren. The Marriage Ref agrees with Jimmy and deems Caren the winner.

One more couple to go! Fran and Ira have been married for 16 years. Fran wants Ira to wash the dishes immediately after the couple finishes eating. Ira wants to do the dishes in his own time. The Marriage Ref decides to change things up a bit tonight and gives the final call to Kirstie Alley to make without receiving any input from the rest of the panel. After adjusting her cleavage, she delivers the news that Ira is the winner. The fact that he’s doing the dishes at all pretty much makes him a hero. Who cares when they actually get done?


Check out a new episode of The Marriage Ref next week on NBC with celebrity guests, Tracy Morgan, Nathan Lane, and Kathy Griffin.

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