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Dancing With The Stars: Brooke Burke’s Pregnancy Hoax

April 02, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Brooke Burke, ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars‘ new co-host, has quite a wicked sense of humor, as indicated by a devilish April Fool’s hoax she participated in on Thursday. A fake news article was posted on Burke’s parenting site, Modern Mom, that the Dancing With the Stars was pregnant with baby #5. Burke comes clean about the prank and how she managed to trick her own mother…

Can you believe it? Baby #5 for Brooke Burke!

That’s what an article on ModernMom.com (the site that Burke is CEO of) read on Thursday morning. But it turns out there’s no fifth baby in the future for the ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars host. At least not yet anyways. The TV host let fans know via Twitter that the article was nothing more than an April Fool’s hoax. ”April Fools Tweetie pies!!!!! But seriously!!!!! I am not preggers…. ” Burke tweeted on Thursday, adding, “where is your sense of humor?!? I will not be Dancing With baby #5. LOL Got you!!!! April Fools!!!”

The ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars co-host says she realized the truth needed to come out when her own mother called her looking for answers. Burke says, ”The joke was over when my MOM called me at my office to ask if I am Pregnant! The answer is a big Fat NO!… just because I have 4 kids, and I’m crazed…doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humor!!!”

Just because the Dancing With the Stars co-host isn’t pregnant now, it doesn’t mean there’s not a possibility for baby #5 sometime in the future. If fiance, David Charvet, had his way, they’d get started on expanding their brood now. “David wishes….” Burke tweeted.

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