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Wife Swap: Season Premiere

April 02, 2010 08:21 PM by Lisa Princ


ABC kicked off a new season of Wife Swap tonight where we’ll meet a mom who is obsessed with creepy baby dolls, and another that is a workaholic and runs a very strict home. One family works their children constantly while the other completely avoids delegating any work to the children…how will these families survive when their worlds are turned inside out? Keep reading for all the details!

Wife Swap on ABC kicks off a new season tonight by taking us to New Jersey to meet the Drago family. The only one in this family who does any work is the dad, while mom & the kids are spoiled rotten and not given any responsibility. Mom, Ro spends all her time pretending to do chores, while she is actually shopping online instead. Neither her 19 or 17 year old have any responsibility, and they are allowed to just lay around the house all day. Ro has an extensive clothes collection, and spends the rest of her days playing with over priced dolls.

Next on the season premiere of Wife Swap on ABC we met the Cameron family of Alabama. Mom, Theresa and Dad, Dave run a coffee shop but are barely making ends meet, so they also run a hot dog stand on the side. Their three boys are also put to work constantly in the coffee shop and hot dog stand as well as at home. They are homeschooled, and have no friends as Dave is afraid of the influence friends may have on them. They are clearly unhappy, hopefully swapping wives will do the trick and make Dave open his eyes to what is going on.

Immediately upon meeting the Cameron family on Wife Swap on ABC Ro can see how unhappy these boys are and how much they need to just be kids. When it is her rules, she decides to take the boys to a play gym which Dave says they will probably not go back to as he is worried the kids will get sick or hurt. Ro and Dave actually had a blow up at one point and Ro left the house, but did return the next morning. Ro, who has an insane doll obsession also pushed these creepy little things off on the Cameron family. She did manage to show Dave how to be affectionate to his kids however, despite the fact that he was not raised that way, he saw how important it was to his boys.


Meanwhile, back at the Drago household on the season premiere of Wife Swap on ABC Theresa was trying her hardest to get these kids to do some work. It took her numerous attempts and fights to finally get the entire family to work at a hot dog stand. She made Jay realize that he and Ro were too lax with their children and there needed to be more rules. After she and the kids finally came to an understanding, they all packed up Ro’s creepy little dolls and close to $10k worth of clothing. Ro’s daughter even admitted that she wished her mom would spend the same amount time on her.

At the table meeting on the season premiere of Wife Swap on ABC as Theresa and Jay tried to explain what they did all week, Ro became extremely defensive claiming everyone was putting all the blame on her and then she persisted to stomp out like a three year old having a tantrum. Jay ran to get her back but she refused to go back to the meeting, and she did not give in…. They all went home to their families instead.

After the swap however, both families made some changes in their households. Theresa and Dave started easing up their boys, and spending more play time with them. Dave even showed Theresa how affectionate he had become towards them. Jay kept up on giving his children chores to do, and their son even started applying for jobs. Ro, while still obsessed with her dolls, was making an effort at least as she was cleaning out her closets and trying to spend more time on her children. Just hope she keeps at it for everyone’s sake!

Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Wife Swap on ABC.

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