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Amazing Race: Snake Temples & Coconut Smashing In Malaysia

April 04, 2010 07:40 PM by Nancy Floyd


The six remaining teams on CBS‘ The Amazing Race leave the islands of Seychelles behind and head for Malaysia. Jet & Cord barely escaped elimination last week, but do they have what it takes to stay in the competition? Can Steve & Allie survive the next leg of the race without their bags or extra clothes? Keep reading for more details on tonight’s new episode…

A new episode of CBS‘ The Amazing Race begins in the breathtaking islands of Seychelles, but the teams are leaving the beach and heading for Malaysia. Steve & Allie are the first to depart wearing their swimsuits from last week’s challenge. After forgetting their bags at last week’s Detour, Steve & Allie will be forced to continue The Amazing Race with only the clothes on their backs. Tonight, they’ll travel by boat to the Seychelles airport before heading to the city of Penang, Malaysia where they’ll find their next clue. As always, Phil Keoghan takes a moment to offer background info about the city, but I missed the explanation because I was too busy squealing at all the snakes being shown during the clip. Penang, Malaysia has just been added to the list of cities I never want to visit.

As Steve & Allie are waiting for the boat, they go online to check the weather in Penang. Sunny and hot. Lucky for them since they’re wearing tank tops and shorts. The other five teams head to the boat dock and wait for the 2am charter boat. Models Brent & Caite and Detectives Louie & Michael have bonded and decide to work together. They’re particularly united in their hatred for lesbian couple, Carol & Brandy. With all six teams on the boat, Louie & Michael decide to give some clothes to Steve & Allie to help them out. The teams take a 21-hour flight to Malaysia and immediately begin racing through the airport to find a taxi.

Phil Keoghan’s earlier explanation is now making sense to me since all six teams are heading to a place called Snake Temple. Sounds a bit ominous to me. Dan & Jordan‘s cab driver may have been a stunt driver for The Fast & the Furious as indicated by him whizzing past all of the other teams to put the brothers in first place. They arrive at Snake Temple and it is exactly as terrifying as it sounds. Fortunately, the teams are only there for a moment to find out the details about tonight’s Detour.

The Detour on tonight’s episode of CBS‘ The Amazing Race has teams deciding between two rituals, Buddhist Tradition or Chinese Custom. In Buddhist Tradition, teams must head to a temple, grab a set of 12 giant incense sticks, and carry them up 150 steps before assembling them and lighting the tips. In Chinese Custom, teams must grab 32-foot flagpoles, used for celebrating Chinese New Year’s, balance them on their forehead, and walk 120 feet across a park without dropping them. While Dan & Jordan are trying to decide which Detour to choose, they end up losing their crazy fast cab driver. Brent & Caite and Jet & Cord lose their cabs as well, putting them behind the other teams.


While the other teams race to the Detour, Jet & Cord have to call a cab and wait five minutes for it to arrive, setting them back a bit. Carol & Brandy are the first to arrive at the Detour, opting for the Buddhist Tradition. Brent & Caite arrive shortly after to take on the incense task as well. Meanwhile, Dan & Jordan, Louie & Michael, and Steve & Allie are caught in Penang traffic as they also head for the Buddhist Tradition Detour. Dan & Jordan and Steve & Allie decide to leave their cabs and run for it which proves to be a huge mistake. The Cowboys (Jet & Cord) are the only team that decides to try their hand at flag balancing in the Chinese Custom Detour and race through it in mere minutes, putting them in first place.

After completely the Detour, the teams must head to the city of Teluk Bahang and search for a specific temple to find their next clue. Jet & Cord are on their way to Teluk Bahang, while the other teams have barely begun their incense-toting Detour. Carol & Brandy and Brent & Caite are about halfway through the Detour when the Detectives arrive. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord arrive in Teluk Bahang and get the details about their Speed Bump. Since they finished in last place last week, Jet & Cord are the only team that must complete the Speed Bump, an extra task to stay in the competition.

The Cowboys must head to a tropical spice garden and find a lady preparing spiced tea. Using their sense of smell, they have to find the tea that matches the crushed spice and bring it to a meditating guru. They must complete the Speed Bump before continuing on in The Amazing Race. Fortunately for them, the other teams are taking a long time to complete tonight’s Detour. Jet & Cord arrive at the spice garden and quickly select a teapot. Unfortunately, the guru informs them they’re wrong so they must try again. Their second try is a success and they head back to Teluk Bahang to retrieve their next clue, still in first place.

Meanwhile, Dan & Jordan and Steve & Allie arrive (by foot) to the wrong temple for the Detour. They both eventually find cabs but still have difficulty locating their destination. Steve & Allie decide to switch Detours and head to the Chinese Custom flag-balancing challenge instead. In Teluk Bahang, Jet & Cord are the first team to attempt tonight’s Road Block, despite having to finish the added task of a Speed Bump. For tonight’s Road Block, the teams must take part in two Hindu rituals. First they have to smash coconuts until they find one that’s brightly colored inside. Then, using their coconut and other natural materials, they must make a float offering to present to the second guru of the night. Are gurus a dime a dozen in Malaysia? Jet goes to town smashing coconuts, as Brent & Caite are finishing up their Detour with Carol & Brandy close on their heels.

Dan & Jordan finally arrive at the Detour, as the models and lesbians are leaving. As Michael nearly dies from a coughing fit, Louie finishes the Detour for them. Meanwhile, Steve & Allie arrive at the Chinese Custom Detour but struggle greatly and decide to head back to the other Detour. Unfortunately, their cab driver has abandoned them. Jet & Cord smash about a billion coconuts before finding a red one and build the sorriest looking boat offering ever. As Steve & Allie race to the Buddhist tradition Detour, Brent & Caite’s cab driver takes them to the wrong location. Jet & Cord have finished the Road Block and are heading to the Pit Stop in first place.

Carol & Brandy arrive at the Road Block while Brent & Caite’s cabbie still struggles to find it. Steve & Allie finally show up at the Detour but the only team left is Dan & Jordan. Louie & Michael are the next team to arrive at the Road Block and are lucky to find the colored coconut after only cracking two. Brent & Caite finally show up and Caite is able to relieve some repressed anger as she throws the coconuts around. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord manage to arrive at the Pit Stop and finish in first place! They’re also the first team in the history of The Amazing Race to go from last place to first place after having to complete a Speed Bump. Well done, cowboys!


Dan & Jordan and Steve & Allie struggle to complete the Detour as Carol & Brandy and Louie & Michael each finish the Road Block and head to the Pit Stop. Dan & Jordan make their way to the Road Block as Brent & Caite finish it and head to the Pit Stop. Carol & Brandy arrive at the Pit Stop in second place as Steve & Allie finally finish the Detour. Dan & Jordan’s cab driver stops for gas on his way to the Road Block, while Steve gives his driver attitude for driving too slow. Louie & Michael finish in third place as Dan & Jordan arrive at the Road Block and find the coconut really quickly. Unfortunately, they’re not great at following directions and don’t build the proper float offering. The second attempt proves successful and they manage to complete the Road Block before Steve & Allie even arrive. Brent & Caite finish in fourth place tonight, as Steve & Allie finally finish up the Road Block in last place.

Dan & Jordan and Steve & Allie seem to be neck-and-neck as they race to the Pit Stop. Dan & Jordan arrive first and earn the fifth place spot tonight. Unfortunately, that means Steve & Allie are in last place and are eliminated. They have a sweet emotional moment as they reminisce on their time in The Amazing Race and how much they love one another. Steve even says that this experience trumps him winning the World Series. WHAT?! How did I miss the fact that Steve once won a World Series?! Man, I would’ve been rooting for him way more had I known that.

Tune into The Amazing Race next Sunday on CBS when the five remaining teams head to Singapore, hang above the city in a death defying challenge, and have more meltdowns.

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