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Celebrity Apprentice: Harry Potter

April 04, 2010 08:55 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on an all new Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Donald Trump gives the contestants a very creative task regarding Harry Potter. With one project manager completely involved and the other constantly passing the buck, will the girls pull off a 3rd consecutive win, or will the guys finally come back? Keep reading for all the details!

On Celebrity Apprentice on NBC tonight the contestants were given one of their toughest tasks yet: creating a 3 dimensional display focused on Universal Orlando’s newest upcoming attraction for Harry Potter. But the contestants don’t know this until after they have chosen their project managers, Rod and Selita, who were now on a plane down to Orlando to see first hand what the attraction is all about and gather ideas for their teams. It wasn’t until after they landed that could call their teammates to fill them in on the task.

I knew from the start of this challenge that Rod was doomed and I am sure Donald Trump did as well. The man has no creativity nor does he have any technological knowledge what so ever. The idea on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC was for the project managers to get ideas and information about Harry Potter and the newest attraction and pass it along to their teams as they delegate and let them know how they want things done. The only thing that Rod did was pass the buck the entire time.

While Selita gathered ideas and information as well as gave her team members an idea of her vision, Rod pretty much told Brett to make it happen….what that exactly would be, he had no idea. He basically gave no instructions, ideas or delegations, and Brett had to come up with the entire vision all on his own. Brett came up with an idea to make a Harry Potter cottage and the guys all seemed to pitch in and make it happen on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Selita’s team followed her lead as she was texting them information the entire time.


The flight back for Selita and Rod was quite comical on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as Selita was working away and Rod was passed out napping. I am not sure how Donald Trump or anyone for that matter can take this guy seriously. He had no initiative to do anything in regards to this task. Selita even called Rod out for his napping in the boardroom although he denied it claiming he had sunglasses on, meanwhile he was snoring!

The girls did not miss out on their share of drama either on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as Cyndi tried to bring some organizational skills to the team, Holly seemed to have a problem with that. As Summer joined in with Holly, Sharon became increasingly aggravated at everyone ganging up on Cyndi and wound up telling Holly & Summer that she liked having Cyndi around since watching the the two of them was like watching ice melt. Maria stayed out of it entirely claiming she felt like Sharon & Cyndi bonded and Holly & Summer bonded and she was just kind of in the middle.

Then it was back to business on their Harry Potter displays on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as the project managers arrived back. Rod, seemed disappointed that Curtis & Michael were eating as he walked in, but since he did not delegate them any responsibility, he had no right to say anything. In fact, he did nothing as his display was being created, aside from remove an advertisement out of the way which seemed to irritate Brett a bit who was working his buns off on this project.

The girls were ready to take some kids through their Harry Potter display on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as the Universal Orlando executives watched and waited…did I mention that the kids were determining the winner of the task? The kids seemed to like both displays, but Goldberg, who was dressed as a talking tree freaked them out a little bit. They also noticed alot of errors in the storyline during the men’s presentation.The men however definitely had alot more energy and tried to win the kids over with candy & treats at the end. When asked by one of the executives about a particular ride in the attraction, Rod could not even remember what he had seen during his visit…big surprise there.


Then Donald Trump was back on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC with the kids choice for winner of the Harry Potter task, and it was once again the women! Kudos to the girls for making it 3 consecutive wins! This was very well deserved after Selita’s hard work and constant contact and update to her teammates. This did mean however, that someone from the men’s team would be getting fired tonight and at this point I was hoping it was Rod.

After they all pleaded their cases, and Donald Trump questioning Rod numerous times on why he did not want to bring Brett back in with him, since afterall he was the acting project manager for Rod, Rod decided that both Curtis and Michael would come back with him. Oddly enough after Rod preached about what a wonderful job everyone on his team did in this task, he was now ready to throw them both, or moreso Curtis, under the bus stating he did not work as hard as he should have. Both Curtis and Michael agreed that they did work hard without any decisions or direction from Rod. Eventually, it backfired on Rod as he was fired tonight and rightfully so as he completely dropped the ball as project manager of this task.

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. See you after the show!

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