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Dancing With The Stars: Cheryl Burke Defends Chad Ochocinco’s Dancing

April 04, 2010 07:01 AM by Nancy Floyd


Cheryl Burke wants the Dancing With the Stars‘ judges to leave her partner, Chad Ochocinco, alone! After the pair struggled through a foxtrot on last Monday’s show, Burke and Ochocinco were bashed by the judges. Now Cheryl Burke speaks out to defend her partner and discuss their upcoming paso doble…

Dance pro Cheryl Burke and her professional football player partner, Chad Ochocinco, were spared elimination on the first week of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, no thanks to the show’s judges. After a difficult foxtrot, the pair was ripped apart by the three dancing competition judges and Cheryl Burke feels they were too hard on her partner. “They were harsh. I was expecting a little bit more constructive criticism. With the cha-cha, they gave him good feedback with stuff to work on, but this week, they just trashed him and said they were really disappointed in him. Instead of giving him something he can work on, they were bashing him. They shouldn’t have done that,” she says.

Chad Ochocinco certainly seemed disheartened by the negative feedback and clearly felt as though he let his partner down. On Monday night, he tweeted an apology to Cheryl Burke, writing, “I apologize for letting you n everybody else down, I will get it together, this is harder than I thought, sorry yall.” But Burke refused to accept his apology, thinking he had nothing to be sorry for. “I told him not to apologize. It’s a team effort. It’s like a bad football game. We all lose, but at the end of the day, we have to stay together and work harder for the next week. I told him that what’s done is done. We did the best we could,” she says.

Now the pair is busy working on a paso doble for this week’s episode of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars.  ”I stayed up until 3 a.m. choreographing our paso doble. We just have to put in the extra hours and get the routine down,” Cheryl Burke told TV Guide. “The pressure’s intense.” But she feels like this might be their moment to shine. “I think this is a chance to really come back and prove to the judges that he deserves to stay in the competition,” she says.

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