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Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Beach Family and Jessica Alba!

April 04, 2010 06:59 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s Extreme Makeover Home Edition the design team and Ty Pennington are heading to help the Beach family on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The Beach family is made up of 15 members, including two parents, their own 4 children, and 9 adopted children including two babies with special needs. Over the years they have fostered 85 children and inspired others to foster and adopt children.  The Beach family was forced to relocate to a thirty foot trailer after Hurricane Ike left their home unlivable. Also on the bus is Marc Bennett from San Diego, who applied to be a viewer volunteer.  Jessica Alba is the celebrity volunteer for this makeover. Read on for highlights!

Ty and the gang meet the family at their old home for Door Knock Day.  All of the kids give their names, and Ty says they will all be going to Walt Disney Resort in Orlando while their new house is built! They go to check out the trailer – it’s unbelievable that 15 people are living in there! There is discussion about rats and snakes – which really freaks Michael out!

Parents Melissa and Larry take Ty into the old house, which was rendered unlivable by the hurricane, and Ty is touched when Melissa says they don’t like going in there, and Larry admits it makes him feel like a failure because he hasn’t been able to adequately provide.

The army of volunteers march on site next, as well as the builders from Blu Shields Construction of Kemah, who tell the family they intend to build them a fine home! Ty sends the family off with a big mystery gift.


The design team has a meeting to plan and touch base on ideas for the backyard and all of the kid’s rooms. Ty contacts the family in Orlando so they can watch the old house be demolished!

There is excitement on the build site when celebrity volunteer, and new mom, Jessica Alba, arrives and greets Ty and the design team! She helps sketch out ideas for the backyard grill area, and talks about how inspired she is by the Beach family. Jessica says she plans to adopt a child herself.


Tracy and Paul visit the boardwalk in Kemah, where they have citizens speak to the Beach family via video to tell them how much it means what they do in the community.  Melissa and Larry are moved by the testimonies of the impact they’ve had on others.

As Jessica and Tracy dish about Ty and Pauly, Michael heads up the way to get some inspiration at a nearby spa!  Jessica then goes on to help viewer volunteer, Marc, sand re-purposed wood to make stools for the family.

Kids from local organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters are invited out to the site for the week. Some get to work with Jessica doing some painting and chatting. Jessica then speaks to the Beach family over the phone, which makes the older boys very happy! Ty asks them to open their big gift box, and three smaller gift boxes are revealed – but they can’t open them yet!


On Day 5, the house is really coming along. Jessica is helping Pauly with the garage, and Tracy visits a jeweler to see about having special necklaces made from heart drawings by two of the younger daughters.  Michael is working on silhouette portraits of all family members which will hang in the hallway. A tree house and playhouse are being created for the backyard.

Ty calls the Beach family again – it’s time to open the boxes. Melissa and Larry get a key for a place they will go to relax! The kids get a pencil with the address to a studio – where they’re to go write a song for their parents! While Larry and Melissa eat chocolate covered strawberries in the spa, the kids pluck away at guitars and work out lyrics for their tune!

By Day 7 the finishing touches are being put on the house and backyard, which is complete with an outdoor grill/kitchen, tiki hut, crooked playhouse, treehouse, and playground equipment! A therapy room with a boardwalk theme is put in for the special needs children.


Back in Orlando, Larry is asked to open the third box. He has always wanted to give Melissa a dream wedding since they met in high school. The box contains a ring. Larry and Melissa set off to plan a Dream Disney Wedding. Made up to look like a princess, Melissa is picked up by a carriage, footmen, and her dad! The Beach parents renew their vows in front of all their children. The boys then play the song they wrote for them.

Back at the house, Ty and Jessica are presented with 15 keys by the builders! When everything is ready, the Beach family is brought back and it’s time to Move That Bus! The family is visibly moved, including the older sons who really affect me by wiping away tears! The family thanks the builders from Blu Shields, the design team, Marc Bennett, and Jessica Alba.


Ty tells the family to go check out their house! Inside, the enormity of the space itself, the sofas, table, and even the oven, overwhelms the family after the closed in trailer. Ty tells them the trailer could fit where the new dining room table is!

The kids head upstairs to see their rooms, which include a very authentic pirate themed room for two of the boys, an inspirational room with twin beds for sisters and best friends, Hope and Faith. Ty comes in and gives them a key to a special compartment – inside are their matching necklaces! Three of the older boys check out their pad, sizing it up for potential to have people over!

Two little ones crawl enthusiastically through their tree/tea party room, and the older daughter is stunned at getting her own spa themed room with a massage table! The oldest brother gets a guitar/music room which is special just for him. He tells Ty he cannot describe what this will do for his family. The special needs babies are taken to their new nursery which is full of textures and Ty reads a verse on the wall. Melissa and Larry love their master bedroom – it’s serene and contains wood left over from Ike.


CVS Pharmacy has paid to put an elevator in the house, as well as filling a room with medical/therapy equipment necessary to look after the children! Finally, the family goes to see the incredible backyard. Ty tells them that the folks at the Space Center Rotary Club raised over $100,000 toward their mortgage! Ty welcomes home the Beach family – then they play!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, wiredin, Bay Area Citizen

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