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Dancing With The Stars 04/05/10: Acting Classes Required

April 05, 2010 07:31 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last week, Dancing With the Stars was the most watched television show in America! Tonight the dancers had a new challenge as their dances were to tell a story without relying on props and gimmicks alone. There was drama, intrigue, romance and the fights between the pro dancers and the stars continued. Did another pro dancer walk out this week, or were their acting skills put to the test as they tried to keep their cool?

dancing with the stars evan-lysacek-and-anna-trebunskaya

The Dancing With the Stars pros came out and showed the viewers what the judges wanted to see tonight in the dances. Anna and Evan were up first to perform a Quickstep. They were dancing to a song from the musical Chicago. The story line was that Evan was angry at Anna for showing up late. Evan needs work on his acting skills as he wasn’t very convincing in the angry stage at the beginning of the routine. The dance was very witty though and was straight out of the 1920′s. Len said that he enjoyed the euphoria on Evan’s face when he found his girl. Bruno said that she might of been late, but he gave her a run for her life, dumping her! Carrie Ann thought it was twinkling and energetic, taking the characters in and out throughout the whole dance. Evan was dancing with a few broken toes tonight too! Their score tonight was 26 out of 30.

Buzz and Ashly were next, dancing a Waltz. The story line had Buzz coming home from the war and his daughter Ashly was waiting for him. Buzz has great difficulty not being able to think about his moves, but he was cute in his war attire and I cried like a baby through this whole routine. They danced to It’s A wonderful World and once again I was brought back to the days when I danced with my own father. Sorry folks, but I am a little sensitive toward this old guy! Buzz was still too stiff, but this dance suited him better than last week. Bruno said the return of the soldier was more like the return of the King and he looked regal even though he was stiff like a statue. Carrie Ann said she saw the story and it was very pure and innocent and an older man might actually be stiffer! Len said it had an innocent charm about it, but the technique was poor. Len almost wore Buzz’s hat in his face after that comment! The judges gave them a realistic 13 out of 30 and I was still crying!

The Bachelor‘s Jake and Chelsey were dancing to Walk Like an Egyptian. Jake was whining about the Quickstep being too fast and that Chelsey was picking on him. He walked out for a bit to calm down. He felt that Chelsey was being disrespectful towards him, so they talked about it and hugged it out. Awwww. Jake was an archaeologist and he found Cleopatra in a coffin. The dance was sweet and the ending was awesome when Chelsey pushed Jake into the coffin! Carrie Ann said that Jake had funky knees, but their routine was great. Len said that Jake needs to straighten up, but the production of the dance was slick. Bruno said he loved Indiana Jake and the Queen of the Nile. He did feel that Jake’s feet were not moving as fast as they should have been however. They received 21 out of 30.


Niecy and Louis were dancing a Waltz tonight. Their story was about a cross-racial couple in the 1960′s who fall in love. Niecy was very emotional as she couldn’t imagine not being able to be with her own boyfriend if society told her she couldn’t. Louis told her he understands as he is going through this situation right now and hoped that Niecy would help him fight his own battle with society not allowing him to love who he wants to. Again came the tears! I’m Born Again, was their song. Their dance was very touching and both Louis and Niecy put their whole heart into it. Len said the dance was very brave without any props. He wanted Louis to work on Niecy’s technique. Bruno said that it was a tale of love surviving against all odds, even though they stumbled in the beginning. Carrie Ann said that their dance was a very important story to tell and that she feels everyone should have the right to be together, but the dance seemed to have the same energy throughout. She was hoping for more ups and downs. 21 was their score. Louis commented that the score is fine as long as it helps lead to everyone being able to get married to whom they want to. Go Louis!

Chad and Cheryl were performing a Paso doble about a man who wants to seduce his woman, but she keeps rejecting him. Chad says he keeps on trying in real life and Cheryl Burke keeps rejecting him so their dance tonight will be art imitating real life. The sexual tension was definitely there in their performance! Bruno said that Chad was amazing this week, but lost his lines a few times. Carrie Ann said that their routine worked perfectly for the Pasodoble. Len said that the routine was better, but Chad has to work on his posture. They received 20 out of 30.

Pamela and Damian were performing a bullfighting type of routine in the Paso doble style. Pamela was aggressive, but I felt that they were too choppy as they danced. Carrie Ann said that she definitely got the story that she doesn’t like the bullfighter, but this time she threw herself too much into it and was off a bit. Len said that she was intense and focused but needed refinement. Bruno said it was like watching the Gypsy Queen at her peak and that Pamela has the ability to dance well and he hoped she was back again next week. I hope so too! They received 21 out of 30.


The next star on Dancing With the Stars was Aiden dancing the Quickstep with his partner Edyta. Last week he puked after the elimination due to nerves! Their story was of a man who had painted the woman of his dreams and suddenly she materialized! His routine was clean and his acting skills shone in his dance. Len started by saying that their Quickstep was a little bit too careful. Bruno said that Aiden looked happy as a clown and was like a kid skipping around the meadow and Carrie Ann agreed! They received a score of 20 out of 30.

Erin and Maks were dancing a Waltz tonight and Erin was blindfolded! The story line was about trust and she did an amazing job with few errors for being blindfolded. Bruno said that Erin had awesome holds, but needed to work on her link movements. Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful story telling and the prop worked well with the story, calling it breathtaking. Len said he never thought the thing was going to start and was boring at the beginning. Host Tom Bergeron said that apparently Erin wasn’t the only one blindfolded! They were given a score of 23 out of 30.

Kate and Tony were dancing a Paso doble to the song Paparazzi which emulated Kate’s life. Tony brought in an acting coach for her tonight and Kate broke down as she felt that she was unable to let out her emotions. The scene was amazing, but Kate’s dancing fell flat. She just cannot dance! Carrie Ann said that the dance was odd and was very hard to watch as she felt that the emotion did not get to her face. Len said that she got through the dance, but the whole thing was too pedestrian. Bruno said that there was a good thing… she looked like the super bitch from hell, but it didn’t translate into the movement. I am sure she is headed home tomorrow night with their score of 15 out of 30.

dancing with the stars nicole-scherzinger-and-derek-hough

The final dance on Dancing With the Stars belonged to Nicole, who earned the first 10′s of the season last week. Derek and Nicole would be acting out two sailors slacking off in a Quickstep. Nicole was terrified about the routine this week. Again, another star down! She began to cry as she tried to keep everything together.  She is a perfectionist and she turned on the charm with their routine! They reminded me of Raggedy Ann and Andy really. The audience gave them a standing ovation. Len said that they took the title of the song too literally as they broke the rules and the hold half way through it. Bruno said as a performance it was incredible, but he had to agree with Len. Carrie Ann said lifts, broke hold and two rules broken, but when they take this show on the road, she wants front row seats! They received 23 out of 30.

Now you know what you need to do now America…Vote, vote, vote and don’t take the judges scores for granted!

Tomorrow night Reba McIntyre will be the guest singer and another dancer will go home! Dancing With the Stars now begins at 8 PM ET only on ABC.

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