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Intervention: Ricky “Rocky” Lockridge

April 05, 2010 07:12 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on an all new episode of Intervention on A&E, we meet Ricky “Rocky” Lockridge, a former Champion boxer from New Jersey, who was headed for stardom when his addiction got the best of him. Will he be able to fight his way back to the top, or is it too late to save him? Keep reading to find out!


Now living on the streets, Rocky has been addicted to crack for over 15 years. He is also an alcoholic, who panhandles to get money to buy drugs and alcohol. He has been homeless for 10 years, often living in abandoned houses that are unsafe and crawling with bugs and trash. Rocky walks with a cane because he has one leg that is paralyzed from a stroke, which he had while out on the street alone. But his life wasn’t always this way..

When he was 18 Rocky won amateur boxing titles, and was signed by a famous agent when he was 21 years old. He was a natural at boxing, with several of his fights resulting in knock outs. But when he was 22 years old, he tried cocaine after a championship fight in which he felt he was cheated out of a title. It seemed to relieve alot of his feelings of depression after losing that fight.

He went on to win a championship title, fighting all over the world. He went on to marry and have twin sons, and was named New Jersey Boxer of the year. But in the midst of all of this fame and success, it got the best of him, and drugs and alcohol were readily available for him to indulge himself. But in 1988, Rocky lost his boxing title, and he started having alot of problems with his family and his wife left him when he was 32. He relocated to where she had moved to , Tacoma, Washington, and he became hooked on crack. But as his sons remember, they had numerous fights where the police were called because of domestic violence against his wife. After one of these incidents, he left, never to return to his wife or twin sons. Since then he has been addicted to alcohol and crack.

A man named Orlando contacted his son, Ricky Jr. after 15 years of no contact to tell him that his father was a homeless addict. His brother Lamar refused to see him. When he finally meets with his son, Rocky explained to him that he did not think this would ever happen to him, and he wants a relationship with his son. His son Ricky believes in giving him a second chance, even though his twin brother cannot. They thought Rocky was dead all these years, only to find out that he was alive and could have contacted them, but chose not to because of his addiction.


Out on the streets he is still recognized, and he still likes to go to the gym, but he is enabled by someone else we meet on tonight’s episode of Intervention on A&E, Bobby, who he trained. Bobby calls Rocky his best friend, and it tears him up to see his friend and mentor suffering from an addiction like this. Rocky’s son Ricky and friend Bobby seek help from Candy Finnigan for an Intervention on A&E to try and bring Rocky back to the champion he always was, and they know he still can be.

Candy tries to explain to the Lamar that even though his father put him through years of pain, he needs to be a part of this Intervention on A&E, but he ends up walking out of the pre-Intervention. But on the day of the Intervention when Rocky walks in and realizes what is going on, he sees his son Lamar for the first time in 15 years, but Lamar does not share the same happiness to be there. His friend Bobby starts off by telling him how Rocky’s addiction has also affect his life and the lives around him, and that he will no longer continue to support him if he refuses to go to treatment.

His son Ricky told him how he hoped everyday for 15 years that he would see his father again. He never stopped looking for him or loving him. He breaks down, telling Rocky he owes his life to his children, and he needs to seek help. Then his son Lamar decides to speak, and it is heartbreaking to watch as he tells his dad that he knows nothing about him. He told his dad that he looked at every man that walked past him hoping it was his dad, because they never got to know each other. It is gut wrenching when he tells him that somewhere deep inside Lamar still loves him. Rocky breaks down as well, and it is such a touching moment to hear him ask his father to change.

After that tearful exchange, Rocky agrees to go to treatment, and leaves right after the Intervention on A&E. Two an a half months into his treatment, his sons Lamar and Ricky Jr. go to see him at the treatment facility with high hopes that he is getting better, and he looks like a changed person who is sober. After completing 90 days of treatment, Rocky has been sober since November 2009, and now has a relationship with both of his sons.

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out if another life can be saved. See you after the show!

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