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American Idol 9 April 6 2010 – Top Nine Perform Live!

April 06, 2010 07:00 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest opens tonight’s episode of American Idol on FOX to a screaming crowd anticipating nine live performances by the remaining contestants! Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres, Kara Dioguardi, and Randy Jackson cross the stage to take their judges’ seats.  With a look at John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s music-making history, Ryan announces that their catalog has provided the basis for the tonight’s live performances. Sir Paul himself wishes them luck via video. On that note, we’re off…

Aaron Kelly, who is known as Yoda among the other contestants, has chosen to sing The Long and Winding Road, which he feels describes his journey on Idol. Aaron takes the stage with a suit jacket over his trademark plaid shirt, and sleeves rolled up casually. He injects the slightest bit of country twang into his really nice sounding version of the song.  Randy liked his tone, but thought the arrangement was sleepy. Ellen says it felt like a long and winding song. Kara feels his performances are consistently good, but he needs to be great. Simon tells him it was boring, adding he needs to become relevant.

Katie Stevens tells Ryan she’s had five young men ask her to go to prom. She promises to go with the one who has voted for her the most times! The other hopefuls regard Katie as an accomplished dancer. She has selected Let It Be to perform tonight. Katie is dressed in a pepto-pink dress that doesn’t do much for her complexion, but her singing is sweet enough to distract. It’s not exciting, but the vocals sound strong. Randy calls it her best performance yet vocal-wise. Ellen says it was amazing. Kara feels she made the song her own – she’s blossoming! Simon thinks the song leaned toward his advice, which is why she got it right!


Andrew Garcia is known among the other contestants as being crazy and having a great personality, which is in stark contrast to Simon’s complaints that he doesn’t show personality on stage. Andrew is singing Can’t Buy Me Love tonight, and hits the stage looking very Buddy Holly. His arrangement is decidedly from a bygone era, but is undeniably jaunty. Randy calls it a solid performance, but a little corny at times. Ellen thought it was a lot of fun – she loved it. Kara wants to love it, but thinks he could have done more with his interpretation. Simon likens it to a performance at a wedding, adding that it was old-fashioned and irrelevant.

Michael Lynche, recognized by the others as being a big, hilarious teddy bear, will be performing Eleanor Rigby tonight as it has some significance to his past and he also loves that it tells a story. Accompanied by the orchestra, Big Mike launches into an up-tempo, somewhat edgy version of the tune, which you could imagine as the theme song to a contemporary movie. Good stuff! Randy loves that he’s reached the point where he can do whatever he wants – that could be a joint on his album! Ellen thought it was incredible! Kara calls it ‘fire’ – those vocals were amazing and he was committed! Simon offers a different opinion – it was a little over the top. Arguing ensues.


Crystal Bowersox is up next on American Idol. She’s a little under the weather. The other hopefuls call her Momma Sox, not only because she is a mother, but because mothering is in her nature. Crystal chose Come Together as her song tonight – she calls it fun. Playing her guitar and accompanied by a man with a digeridoo, she launches into a bluesy, raunchy rendition of the Beatles tune. It’s really strong. Randy calls it another solid performance – she’s in the zone. Ellen thought it was cool, she’s running out of ways to tell her how great she is! Kara feels she was more accessible tonight, so it was one of her favorite performances. Simon says it just worked, and compliments the digeridoo man as well!

Tim Urban has dazzled his fellow contestants with his great smile and hair flipping – they love him! He is singing All My Lovin’ tonight live on stage. He grabs the imagination right away looking even better than usual, and doing a really catchy version of the song accompanying himself on a bright red electric guitar. Randy laughingly says Tim is in his own category, then compliments his look and performance. Ellen thinks it was the perfect song choice and his second best performance on the show. Kara thinks they’ve really come after him week after week – and he’s done something solid tonight! Simon prefers to judge him against everyone else they’ve seen tonight, and draws applause by saying he did really well! He also compliments Tim on how well he handles himself – he’s very proud of him!


Casey James is regarded by the the other contestants as the playboy of the group. He is noticed for his loud laugh and his flowing locks. Casey will be doing Jealous Guy by John Lennon tonight live. Casey is dolled up in a white suit jacket and curly curls as he take the stage with his guitar and delivers a very genuine and moody version of the song – memorable. Randy loved seeing the sensitive side of him, and he’s impressed that he set himself apart.  Ellen agrees that it was so soulful and heartfelt – she was moved by it. Kara tells him he showed a vulnerability tonight which added depth. Simon calls him Goldilocks before announcing that it was the best performance of the night!

Siobhan Magnus is described as weird and interesting by her American Idol peers (in a good way). They admire the notes she can hit! Siobhan has selected Across the Universe tonight in hopes of showcasing a different side of her voice. Perched on a stool in a flowy white gown, vest and hairstyle vaguely reminiscent of Little Bo Peep,  Siobhan uses a soft, lilting vocal that is just mesmerizing. Randy says no one in this competition screams artist like she does. He admits it was a tad sleepy, but he enjoyed seeing her tender side. Ellen feels she marches to the beat of her own drum and supports that – it was beautiful. Kara tells her the vocals were strong, though it was restrained. Simon asks what the personal connection was – Siobhan tears up as she says it was for her baby sisters. Simon likes how unpredictable she is, but wasn’t wild about the performance – he is interrupted by a heckler. They bring the guy up, (he’s been heckling Simon all night), and Earl gets to hug Siobhan!


Lee Dewyze is the last to perform of the night. He is the resident worry-wart, who constantly thinks he’s going home no matter what. Lee has chosen Hey Jude because he can relate to the tune and just loves it. Lee plays acoustic guitar as he sings. It starts off rather cringe-worthy, but he seems to settle in to his vibe after a bit. His rendition is a roughed-up grunge style.  Oddly, he is joined on stage by a man in a kilt playing bagpipes! Randy laughs uproariously over the bagpipe player, and tells Lee he doesn’t need to be nervous – he’s got this! Ellen thought it was a great job and loved it. Kara says there were definitely some off moments, but it’s hot when he gets up there and hits it. Simon snickers over the digeridoos and bagpipes tonight, but Lee says it was totally his idea. Simon throws his hands up – okay!

On tomorrow night’s results show, one more hopeful will leave American Idol 9, and David Archuleta and Rhianna will perform!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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