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Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump Speaks Out About Ivanka’s Stalker

April 06, 2010 06:55 AM by Nancy Floyd


Donald Trump, star of NBC‘s Celebrity Apprentice, is very protective when it comes to his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and he’s sick to his stomach at reports of her being stalked. Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., speak out about Justin Massler, the man charged with stalking Ivanka and ordered to stay away from her. Keep reading for what the family has to say about this terrifying situation…

Donald Trump, star of NBC‘s Celebrity Apprentice, doesn’t take crap from anyone and he’s certainly not about to let a deranged man stalk his daughter, Ivanka. Justin Massler was recently arrested and arraigned on misdemeanor stalking and harassment charges. Last week, a judge ordered him to stay away from Ivanka Trump and released him on $10,000 bail.

“He’s got really big problems, and the things he wrote and said were really terrible and at the worst level, where the police said they’ve never seen anything quite as bad,” Donald Trump said about Massler. He and the Trump family are doing all that they can to deal with the situation. Trump adds, ”He’s a really sick guy … So, we’re handling it!”

Ivanka’s brother and Donald Trump‘s son, Donald Trump Jr. shares his father’s caution and concern for Ivanka’s well-being. ”I have a young family and, you know, I’m not so worried perhaps for myself but clearly for them,” he said. “When you see what I saw and you hear what I see and you read what I read, it is a little disturbing.”

The good news is that despite the scare, Ivanka seems to be doing ok. Her brother says she’s ”doing as well as can be expected.”

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