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The Biggest Loser: Game On!

April 06, 2010 08:21 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC it’s game on as pressure mounts in the house between players. With a crazy scale challenge against the clock and needing Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper‘s extra help, will the house crumble and will one of the favorites be sent home? Keep reading for all the fitness filled details!

This week The Biggest Loser on NBC kicks off with one crazy challenge: weight loss & access to the scale. Each player has to lose 2% of their body weight and the player that accumulated that weight loss the quickest would get immunity at elimination. That’s not all though, they can weigh in whenever they like, but they have to be careful as once they have weighed in, it’s over for them. Once someone reaches their 2%, the game is over for all the other contestants.

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper of course caught wind of this and immediately got the contestants exercising their behinds off on The Biggest Loser on NBC. After only 2 days, but some tough fitness routines, Vicky was the first one to brave the scale, but she only lost half of what she needed to in order to gain immunity. It was definitely game on for the rest of the house however as no one wanted to see Melissa win immunity. Sam & Koli worked out alot and decided that they would beat Melissa to the scale so that one of them could win it. Sam got on the scale first thing the next morning, and won the game and immunity as he wound up losing 10 lbs in 3 days even though he only needed to lose 6.

Up next for the contestants of The Biggest Loser on NBC was a fitness challenge, where once again it was game on as everyone wanted to beat Melissa. They players had to swim back and forth carrying weights back to a bin. Each player could only carry 2 weights at a time, and the first one to get to 100 would be the winner and win a trip for two to The Biggest Loser resort. The person in last place would be getting a one lb disadvantage at the weigh in this week.


Once they finished getting their weights on The Biggest Loser on NBC, they were also free to help any other contestants they wanted to.Sunshine and Sam were neck in neck on this challenge, but Sunshine who is also a swimmer came out the winner. She then went on to help her dad, who was in last place along with Michael and Melissa. It quickly became game on for the rest of the house and was no shock that all the finished players helped Oneal, and immediately went over to help Michael, which pushed Melissa in to last place and giving her the one pound extra at the weigh in.

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper were busy as well this week, not only with helping the contestants work out, but also helping them in other areas. Bob Harper took Vicky aside and gave her some nutrition information and tips on healthy eating. Jillian Michaels had a heart to heart with Sunshine about how she needed to gain some independency from her dad. Then it was back to last chance exercise workouts for the contestants with Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper .

Let’s see how the contestants fared this week as they all had their game on:

Oneal from 291 to 283 (-5)

Michael from 381 to 372 (-9)

Daris from 237 to 233 (-4)

Koli from 281 to 276 (-5)

Sunshine from 202 to 195 (-7)

Melissa from 178 to 175 (-3) *plus the one lb disadvantage put her at a loss of 2.

Victoria from 283 to 272 (-11)

Andrea from 227 to 225 (-2)

Sam from 262 to 252 (-10) * had immunity

Ashley from 271 to 264 (-7)


This meant that both Andrea and Melissa were up for elimination on The Biggest Loser on NBC. When they returned to the house, Andrea asked Melissa to leave so she could chat with the others alone. Andrea told them how much she had grown and still needed to be here and that she knew she was strong enough to win. Melissa tried to once again play the game with everyone by telling them she was not a threat and they could use her to eliminate others one by one.

Melissa obviously learned nothing about the contestants during her stay at the ranch, because if she had she would have known they were not about playing the game. Unfortunately for Melissa it was game on for the house as they all saw through her and she was voted out hands down. This is one time I can honestly say that I was not sorry to see someone leave. I am sure if she sticks to her fitness routine, she will do fine on her own with Lance’s support, but she did not need to be in that house playing games!

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. See you after the show!

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