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American Idol 9 April 7 2010 – Judges Use the Save!

April 07, 2010 07:15 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s episode of American Idol on FOX,  Ryan Seacrest reminds us that one of the top nine contestants will be sent home unless the judges use their save. Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres, Kara Dioguardi, and Randy Jackson will weigh in on America’s choices as the bottom three are revealed, and one hopeful sings for their life. Ryan warns us to be prepared for a surprise or two in the results! Appearing on this episode are Rhianna, David Archuleta and Jason DeRulo! Read on to see if the reveals shock you!

The Top Nine combine for a group effort and perform a medley of Beatles songs before settling down to hear from Ryan about who is in the bottom three. Siobhan Magnus is asked to stand first. He asks her to walk to the center of the stage and stand there. Crystal Bowersox is then sent to join Siobhan on the stage. Katie Stevens is next in the spotlight, she too is sent to the center of the stage. Ryan asks Randy if he thinks one of these girls could be going home tonight. Randy says no. Ryan tells Crystal she is safe, and she goes to sit down. Ryan then tells the other two girls that they are safe as well!  It will be three guys in the bottom three tonight on Idol!


Ryan stuns Katie with the news that Idol alum Adam Lambert is the mentor for next week – she’s grinning from ear-to-ear! He then introduces Jason DeRulo who sings his hit In My Head. Kara is very enthused with his performance, noting that he only had four days to get this together. Ryan jokes about his pyrotechnic effects, saying that now Casey James will want them and it’s a concern about the hair!

David Archuleta, who was, of course, an  American Idol finalist, takes the stage on piano to perform John Lennon’s song Imagine. After, David jokes about still being nervous in front of the judges. He notes that he has an album and single coming out soon.


Ryan is ready to get back to the results. He tells the guys they will form two groups on the stage. Lee Dewyze stands up and is told to head to the far side of the stage. Michael Lynche is next to face Ryan. He is asked to start another group on Ryan’s side of the stage. Casey James is next to feel the heat, and is told to join Lee on the far side of the stage. Aaron Kelly is sent to stand next to Mike.

Next, Tim Urban is asked to join Lee and Casey across the stage. Andrew Garcia joins Mike and Aaron.  Ryan announces that one group is safe, and the other is the bottom three.  Ellen must guess – she says Mike, Aaron, and Andrew are the bottom three – she is right. Tim, Casey, and Lee are safe. Put out of his misery immediately is Aaron Kelly, who is sent back to sit with the others and will return next week!


Debuting her new tune, Rockstar 101, Rhianna takes the Idol stage next live! She is in black lurex from head to toe, with huge shoulder pads, and blond hair with a black streak on one side.

Ryan announces the final results. The person staying around to perform next week is…Andrew Garcia! Michael Lynche must sing for his life and hope that the judges decide to save him. They can use this save up until the final five. Big Mike sings his heart out bringing his family members, fans, fellow contestants, and me to tears. Ryan turns things over to Simon, who tells Mike he wishes he had sang like that last night. Simon then tells him the decision is unanimous – he’ll be back next week! The place erupts!

Don’t miss next week when Adam Lambert returns to Idol to mentor the contestants! He’ll perform too!

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One Response to “American Idol 9 April 7 2010 – Judges Use the Save!”

  1. Christine McDow Says:
    April 8th, 2010 at 5:27 am

    I am so glad they saved him! I wonder which two will be sent home now next week!!


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