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America’s Next Top Model: Posing With Comedians & Fashion Fakes

April 07, 2010 08:35 PM by Nancy Floyd

On tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, the nine remaining models have to break the ice with Nigel Barker, seduce comedian, Ross Matthews, and wear fashion knock-offs for a phony photo shoot! Keep reading to see how the ladies fared at chatting up a judge, faking chemistry with a comedian, and posing in rip-off designer duds…

A new episode of America’s Next Top Model begins with the ladies hanging out at the loft, excited to be receiving mail. Regular mail, not Tyra mail. Hopefully the mail that comes from their family and friends has all the words spelled correctly, unlike the messages Tyra sends. Anslee’s moved to tears by a letter from her daughter which leads to yet another discussion about her being a mom and all that she hopes to gain for her family by becoming America’s Next Top Model. Being a role model is clearly not on that list because she has been acting a fool since beginning the competition.


The ladies put away the regular mail for some Tyra mail which reads, “u don’t need 2 b a scientist 2 b good at chemistry.” Can someone please teach Tyra how to spell!?! The teenybopper texting lingo is getting a bit old. The models head to Roosevelt Island to meet Miss Jay to learn about finding chemistry with their male model counterparts. Miss Jay then shares the groundbreaking news that couples that are seen in steamy magazine ads aren’t really couples….they’re models! Get out, Miss Jay! You don’t say!

Miss Jay’s big advice for finding chemistry with male models: be funny! Tonight’s lesson is designed to teach the ladies how to break the ice with a fellow model. The models will be boarding a tram and working with a well-known male model to try to create chemistry. The model in question is none other than Nigel Barker! He’s playing the role of “shy male model” and the girls have three minutes to break the ice and find a connection with him. The girls all take quite different approaches to the challenge. Angelea does an MC Hammer impersonation, Alexandra’s tactic is to tell Nigel how beautiful she is, Tatianna insults his shoes, Anslee chats about being a mother (shocking), and Jessica tries to get him naked. Awk-ward!!


After the humiliating tram ride, Nigel takes the girls to meet Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, who will be judging tonight’s challenge. The challenge in question is a intimate and sexy photo shoot posing with flamboyant comedian, Ross Matthews. Nigel Barker will be the photographer for the shoot, taking only five shots of each girl as she poses with Ross in a store window. The objective is to be seductive and sultry, even if Ross is making them laugh. The ladies change into skimpy lingerie, step into the window, and start posing. Ross giggles like a school girl as the ladies straddle him and grind against him, despite the fact that there’s a strong possibility he’d prefer to be posing with Nigel instead. Angelea flashes her lady parts, Jessica takes control, and Tatianna struggles to create a sensual moment. Jessica is crowned the winner of the challenge, which results in a pageant-y reaction of screaming, jumping, and crying. As a reward, Jessica earns $6,500 worth of diamonds. Alasia also wins a $5,000 ring for winning last week’s photo shoot.


Back at the loft, it’s time for more Tyra mail: “2morrow ur going 2 find out who’s fake and who keeps it real.” Cut to Miss Jay and Mr. Jay shopping on Canal Street for knockoff bags. A horribly acted fake fight ensues as Miss Jay buys a Marc Jacobs knockoff then almost gets arrested. End scene. According to the Jays, the greatest fashion crime anyone can commit is buying knockoff merchandise. Really? I thought the greatest fashion crime was wearing those hideous jumpsuits Tyra’s been sporting the last few weeks.


For today’s photo shoot, the models will be posing in fake everything. Fake clothes, fake eyelashes, fake contacts, fake fur, etc. Does that mean America’s Next Top Model is committing the greatest fashion crime by purchasing all of the fake goods to be used in today’s shoot? Ponder that for a moment. The models look like they’re dressing up as fake women because seriously everyone of them could pass as a tranny. Tatianna doesn’t feel beautiful in her Lady Gaga getup and it’s evident in her uncomfortable posing. Raina has a strong shoot as always, Jessica lets loose and impresses Jay, Krista is awesomely awkward, and Brenda’s shoot is a snoozefest. Meanwhile, Anslee is “emotionally distraught” during the time before her shoot. When is this girl not emotionally distraught? Oh look…there’s RuPaul! Just kidding…it’s Angelea. Her shoot is uneventful, but boy, does she look like a dude. Last but not least, Alexandra struggles through her shoot and fears for her safety in the competition.


Next it’s time for the ladies to face Tyra Banks and the America’s Next Top Model judges. Joining Tyra, Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley is “legendary” supermodel, Pat Cleveland, who coincidentally was Tyra’s original agents. Leave it to Tyra to make this show all about herself. Let’s review the girls’ photos, shall we? Krista gets a “well done,” Brenda’s photo is charming and strong, Alexandra is called (gasp!) catalog, Tatianna’s shot is decent but seems like a fluke, Anslee does well, Angelea’s “got it going on,” Jessica’s photo is magnetic, Raina gets mixed reviews, and Alasia’s body is good but her face is not.

After Tyra Banks and the judges deliberate, it’s time to find out which eight girls will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model. The best photo of the week is rewarded to Jessica. It’s at the very moment that Jessica is walking down the runway to retrieve her picture from Tyra Banks that I realize Tyra is wearing ANOTHER jumpsuit!! This one is red and seemingly made of swoosy material (yes, that’s the proper fashion term), but still has tapered legs.


Runner-up for best photo goes to Angelea. Krista, Alasia, Anslee, Brenda, Raina are all safe. That means Alexandra and Tatianna are in the bottom two. The judges feel that Alexandra doesn’t know what to do with her plus-sized body. The judges think that Tatianna’s photo this week was based on pure luck and not skill. Let’s be real…isn’t all modeling based on luck? How much skill is really involved? Either you’re tall, skinny, and pretty or you’re not. The judges decide to keep Alexandra around for another week and send Tatianna home. After hugs from all the other girls, Tatianna heads back to the loft to pack her back. She’s disappointed in herself and sad to be leaving, but hopes to continue her career.

Next week on America’s Next Top Model, the eight remaining models pose for a Cover Girl shoot on a New York subway train and one girl’s trash-talking stirs up drama in the house. Tune in for the drama-filled episode next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on America’s Next Top Model only on the CW Network.

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