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Ghost Hunters: Surrounded By Sounds

April 07, 2010 09:05 PM by Ryan Haidet


A reform school for boys, better known as Preston Castle in California, housed the next investigation for the TAPS team on Ghost Hunters.  Built and opened in 1894, the facility was used to hold boys who were as young as 12.  Although it has been closed for 50 years, many of the spirits haven’t seemed to leave the building in which some people died brutally.

The TAPS team got their typical tour where they learned of all the paranormal reports including doors that close on their own, people seeing full-bodied apparitions and strange voices resonating through the halls.

When all of the ghostly equipment was set up, the lights were shut off as Jason and Grant started to investigate on the first floor in a room where a woman was beaten to death.  As Grant was asking the spirit questions, Jason saw a shadow in the room.  As they continued walking around, Grant spotted a shadowy figure above them.  Immediately, the paranormal pair climbed the stairs to see what they could find.  Moments later Grant heard a voice calling his name.

As they moved on to another room, Jason and Grant called out to the spirits when they heard sounds in the distance.  When they went in the hallway to find the source, more sounds started happening more frequently.  Squeak.  Thud.  Squeak.  Thud.  Before they knew it, they were surrounded by unexplained sounds coming from multiple directions.  “Wherever we’re not, the squeaks are.”  Moments later, Jason thought he heard a scream in the distance.

As the night continued, Grant and Tango were trying to get a ghost to prove its presence in the basement when they suddenly heard the sounds of footsteps nearby.  They ran off and looked for the source, but couldn’t find where the footsteps were coming from.

With tons of creepy personal experiences, the TAPS team tore down their equipment and completed the investigation.

After all the evidence was analyzed, Jason and Grant revealed everything they captured most of which was audio.  The best piece of evidence came from the moment in which Grant heard a voice say his name.  On the audio clip, Grant asks the spirit if it knows his name.  Immediately after asking the question, a faint boyish voice could be heard saying “Gr-a-a-a-nt.”

Image courtesy of SyFy.

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