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Shear Genius: It’s The Season Finale & We Have A Winner!

April 07, 2010 08:59 PM by Jennifer


It all comes down to a runway show on tonight’s season finale of Shear Genius on Bravo. Brig, Matthew & Janine have one final challenge, with a little help from some blasts from the past. Who will be crowned Shear Genius on Bravo? Keep reading to find out!


For the final challenge, the three remaining contestants must style six models for a runway show with fashions by designer Henry Duarte, known for his dark, rock & roll fashions. Their styles must represent the outfit that each of the models is wearing, and all three are going for a futuristic look. After each contestant meets with the Henry Duarte, they get a better idea of what they are going to do, and they report back to the Nexxus Salon to get further instructions from host Camila Alves. When they arrive, she reminds them that Brig won the last elimination challenge, and she gets an advantage. Each contestant will have two assistants to help them style their six models, and Brig gets to choose first. The doors open and in walk the eliminated contestants! Brig picks first,choosing Fateemah then April. She also has the pleasure of determining who goes next, Janine or Matthew. In a shocking move, she lets Janine choose second. We all know the two cannot stand each other, and I am shocked she did it this way. With her two picks, Janine chose Arzo and Jon, leaving Matthew with Amy & Bryan.

They have three hours to create their looks on their six models for the runway show, with three hours to prep them as well. But early on, Brig realizes that picking Fateemah was a bad move, because she is being way to friendly with Janine and Matthew, so she decides to share her ideas with only April and no one else. Her idea is to do laminated hair, putting hair on tape and cutting and layering it with colored extensions. If I was one of her models, I would have been freaked out by that idea! April swears not to discuss her idea with anyone, even Fateemah who is on their team. As Janine and Matthew also prepare their models with their assistants, they all try ot keep their ideas under wraps.

After prepping their models the day before the big challenge and runway show, they return to the apartment, and Brig gives Matthew and Janine both a dollar, saying they should not go home empty handed. I don’t know how they kept their cool, because I would have thrown it back in her face!

The morning of the show arrives on this episode of Shear Genius on Bravo, and the contestants come out with some outrageous styles. Matthew has ponytails high on the heads wrapped in silver foils, Janine goes with a few afro styles, and Brig is way out there with her laminated creations. The clock ticks away, as Henry Duarte looks on and tells Janine he likes the looks that he are creating, and likes Brig looks even though it is nowhere near complete. With one minute left on the clock, Brig struggles to finish on time. When their three hours is over, the models are done and it is time for the runway show. Sitting in the front row of the show are Linda Wells, Editor of Allure magazine, Jonathan Antin, and Kim Vo, along with Henry Duarte.


Brig’s models come out first, and they all have the same styles with their own hair in buns, and tape wrapped around their heads with colored extensions underneath. It looks like something my ten year old would have done if he had free reign with scissors and colored markers. She did nothing to the their own hair.

Next is Matthew, with one of his models with corn rows, and a few with high pony tails and different colored extensions. His final look was a huge billowy mowhawk that went down to the floor. Janine is last, and most of her modelshave straight hair that flows down to afro textures at the bottom, and one even had chains hanging from the back of her hair. Some of the looks are reminiscent of ones we saw in previous episodes, but they are all pretty good. As their models take the final walk down the runway, the judges get one last look to determine who will be the next Shear Genius on Bravo.

Camila Alves reminds the contestants of the prizes, $100,000 , an apprenticeship with Nexxus Salon, styling an Allure magazine photo shoot, and representation from the Magnet Agency. Brig’s models are judged first, and she said she was inspired by Henry Duarte’s love of comic books for a super hero edgy effect. Judge Jonathan Antin pointed out that she really did nothing with the modelsown hair, and Kim Vo said he thought it was great, and Linda wells called it innovative.

Matthew is judged next, and Jonathan loved all of his styles, and so did the rest of the judges, but they all agreed that his ideas did not tell a continuous story. Janine is judged last, and she ointed out that unlike Brig, she used all of the models own hair. Jonathan tells her he would have liked to have seen more, and Linda tells her that the styles are edgy and beautiful, but Camila Alves points out that these were also looks they have seen before. As the contestants are asked to leave and the judges deliberate, Matthew, Brig and Janine wait anxiously for their decision. The judges had different opinions of the styles, especially Brig not using the models own hair.

When the contestants are brought back in, all three of them are extremely nervous. This is it, and Camila Alves tells Matthew that he is not Shear Genius. That leaves the two rivals, Janine and Brig. You couldn’t get any more opposite than these two. I for one can tell you that I am completely shocked when she speaks next, and announces that the winner and Shear Genius is.. Brig! I can;t believe she beat Janine! I can see why she won though, she did go out of her way to do wacky style that represented her own style, and it paid off in the end! She was just as shocked to be named the winner! Well, congrats to Brig!! Hopefully next season will be just as exciting!

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