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American Idol: Ryan Seacrest & Ellen Degeneres Discuss Simon Cowell

April 08, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres spent a little time together outside of American Idol when the Idol host was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show on Tuesday. Among their topics of conversation: fellow American Idol star, Simon Cowell. Seacrest opened about his relationship with Cowell and explained their constant bickering…

Every season of American Idol, the bickering between host Ryan Seacrest and judge Simon Cowell seems to get worse and worse, and this season is no different. With fans beginning to wonder what is going on between the two stars, Ryan Seacrest clears the air to daytime talk show host (and Idol judge), Ellen DeGeneres.

“We’re actually friendly,” the American Idol host told Degeneres. “We don’t hold a grudge. We have a very competitive spirit and attitude on the show, but we’re friends.” Ryan Seacrest seems to enjoy faux-feuding with Cowell, all in good fun. He even jokes about a new addition to the set that allows him to badger the Brit. “They built this great little bridge,” Seacrest says. “It used to be like a moat between the stage and the judges’ table, but now there is this bridge.” The new construction allows lets Seacrest get closer to Simon Cowell during taping, “which makes him really uncomfortable. Which makes me happy,” Seacrest jokes.

It seems Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres even have their own way of communicating during tapings of American Idol. Degeneres says, ”Sometimes we make eyes on the show behind the camera as like a second language. If Simon is being extra rude, sometimes I want to say something, and so I give Ryan the look, so he knows. Sometimes he calls on me, but then sometimes he gives me the look that says ‘we’re out of time, or the other look – I have to call on one of the other judges.’”

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