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Dancing With The Stars: Kristi Yamaguchi Is Rooting For Evan Lysacek, But Loves Pam Anderson

April 08, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Kristi Yamaguchi, the season 6 champion of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, is a dedicated fan of fellow Olympian, Evan Lysacek, even sporting a “Vote for Evan and Anna” bracelet, but the figure skater is surprised to find herself cheering on Baywatch babe, Pam Anderson as well. Yamaguchi opens up about her newfound affection for Anderson and why she thinks Lysacek will take home the mirrorball trophy…

Kristi Yamaguchi knows what it’s like to be a competitor on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. In season 6, she walked away with the mirrorball trophy. Now she’s among the audience, cheering on her favorite dancer, which this season happens to be fellow Olypian, Evan Lysacek. She’s even been sporting a black plastic bracelet with the words “Vote for Evan and Anna” printed in white on the side. But despite her allegiance to Lysacek, Yamaguchi has been surprised to find herself rooting for another contestant as well.

“You know who I like, who I thought I wouldn’t? Pam Anderson,” Yamaguchi told PEOPLE magazine. “She is a riot! Just her bringing her acting and all of that just adds so much. I was looking forward to seeing her perform this week.” Despite her newfound love for Anderson, Yamaguchi still thinks Lysacek will win it all on this season of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars.

“Evan has got a great chance to make it to the finals,” Yamaguchi says. “He has got a lot of personality and he is not shy about it.” She thinks the greatest advantage that Lysacek has on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is the same one she had: an athletic background. “It does take a certain amount of work and focus and I think athletes are just used to having a task in front of them and going for it,” she said. “They can take direction and are coachable. [You need to be] good at listening and taking criticism and not taking that criticism personally but applying it. Athletes are used to that.”

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