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Models Of The Runway: Fashion Week Anyone?

April 08, 2010 09:17 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight, on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, it’s time to find out which models will be heading to fashion week. With tensions running high, will we end up with two rivals headed to Bryant Park? Keep reading for all the details!

Models of the Runway on Lifetime kicks off tonight with tensions running high between Brittany and Brandise as they watch Mila & Jay get pushed through for one final battle. Heidi thinks the girls need a night out and sends them to dinner together since they have all become so close in the past week, but the drama does not check out at the door!

While dining, Lorena decides to bring up Brandise’s mockery of Brittany and Jay during last week’s challenge. Brandise denies even remembering that conversation and tries to stop a fight before it starts. Brittany then announces she is pissed, but keeps her mouth shut for fear of starting a huge argument in the restaurant. Lorena calms Brittany down later on the balcony, and Kristina talk with Brandise. Monique is just stuck in the middle and does not much of anything…I think her nerves have gotten to her at this point.


At elimination on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, the girls stand and wait nervously, knowing this is their last chance to make it to fashion week. Mila’s name is chosen first and she once again chooses Brandise. Seth, up next asks Kristina to join him for fashion week. Jay then asks Brittany, who runs back and shares her happiness and hugs with Kristina, and completely avoids Brandise.

With only Monique and Lorena left standing on the runway on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, it in the hands of Emilio, who is notorious for swapping models when least expected. He says some nice words to Monique, but then lets Lorena know that she is his team and he would like to continue working with her. Best of luck to all the girls in fashion week, and to Monique, we will miss you!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 11 PM EST for a brand new episode of Models of the Runway. See you after the show!

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