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Project Runway: Fashion Week Finalists Are Revealed

April 08, 2010 08:21 PM by Lisa Princ

The fashion week finalists for Bryant Park are revealed tonight on Project Runway on Lifetime as the remaining five contestants face their final challenge. After a trip to the circus, which three designers will have what it takes to make it to fashion week? Keep to find out as this is one ending you did not see coming!

That’s right, this week is the final challenge for the contestants of Project Runway on Lifetime. For their final challenge and hopes of heading to fashion week in Bryant Park, Tim Gunn takes the designers to the circus to get their inspiration. Since this will determine who makes it and who doesn’t, he advises that they definitely go over the top tonight…so after a quick circus show and a trip to Mood, the designers are given two days to complete this challenge.

The designers definitely got different points of view from the circus on Project Runway on Lifetime. Some went more costume like than others. Seth & Mila both took alot of colors and the costume feel from the circus and incorporated them into their pantsuits and jackets. Seth’s was definitely all Seth, and it was extremely well tailored, while Mila’s definitely showed Mila’s personality, it felt a little off to me. Jay, went altogether different with a beautifully tailored pair of pants tops with a Michael Jackson looking red jacket. It was definitely different, not sure what the judges would think however.

Emilio steered away from all the colors of the circus and went with black and white stripes with polka dots. It wound up working perfectly for him as his dress which had a tint hint of color added to it was definitely a showstopper. Anthony did incorporate some colors, but not as bright and bold as the others. He also wanted to steer away from the costume look and took his inspiration from one of the graceful acrobats in which he created a long, flowing, graceful gown. It did not blow me away like his design last week, so at this point I was unsure that fashion week was in his future on Project Runway on Lifetime.

That decision, however remained up to Heidi Klum and the gang on Project Runway on Lifetime. After the runway fashion show, the judges had some harsh comments for some of the designs. Seth’s pants were criticized for being to crotchy for a woman, while Anthony’s choice of fabric was not well taken by the judges. They were not too thrilled with Jay’s outfit under the jacket, claiming it was plain, while Mila’s had mixed reviews. The only thing they did agree on was that Emilio had the best design of the night and of the season per Michael!

So finally it was time to choose the finalists for fashion week in Bryant Park on Project Runway on Lifetime, and Heidi Klum was thrilled to announce that Emilio’s showstopper won him the very first spot. Next up, she informed Seth that he would be joining Emilio as the judges agreed he has alot of talent. Then she moved on to Anthony and let him know that he would not be going to fashion week, he was out.

With only Mila and Jay left standing, in a surprise twist of events, Heidi Klum told Mila she was in, and then told Jay he was in also. Each of these two will have the chance to create their line, but only one of them will go to fashion week in Bryant Park. So basically this means we have a tie and the design line will break that tie to determine which one heads to fashion week. Congratulations to Emilio and Seth for getting their spots, and to Mila, Jay and Anthony for coming this far!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime. See you after the show!

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