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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — A New Plan

April 08, 2010 07:38 PM by Ryan Haidet


Blood was boiling at the Villains camp on tonight’s episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.  After voting Boston Rob out at Tribal Council, Russell and Parvati gloated in their strategy and giggled all about it.  Although they were thrilled with the vote, Coach and Jerri were very upset about the situation.  Coach felt like Jerri made a huge mistake by going along with the plan to vote against Boston Rob and thought it was the start of their demise.  Sandra also emerged in tonight’s episode with a big strategic move as we also got to see how scary Rupert looks when covered in mud.  Frightening!

Another Idol Found

Day 19 at the Heroes camp, JT was on the hunt for the hidden Immunity Idol as the rest of his tribe worked on fixing up their shelter.  Despite everybody saying they would look for the Idol as one group, JT quickly found it after searching near a creek.  Although he wanted to keep it a secret, Amanda showed up and JT instantly admitted to her that he found the Idol.  But it only got worse from there.  JT then proceeded to tell the rest of the tribe.  Yes, everybody.  Sheesh.


It was in this moment that Candice realized how much of a threat JT is to the rest of the tribe since everybody seems to think he’s the golden boy who can do no wrong.

“Drop Your…”

Back at the Villains camp, the group was starving as treemail arrived for their next challenge.  After reading the message, the tribe believed it hinted toward a merge.  Just in case, they gathered up all of their belongings from camp and carried it to the challenge.

As both tribes arrived at the challenge, the Heroes were stunned to see Boston Rob was voted off.  Rupert said it seemed like the Villains must be controlled by a women’s alliance since the men were getting picked off one by one.  This concept sprouted some new seeds in Russell’s head.  He thought this was the perfect opportunity for him if the Heroes think he’s at the bottom, they’ll tell him anything to get him on their side.


It was obvious that both sides were eagerly anticipating a merge, which Jeff Probst teased.  Then he said, “Everybody drop your… expectations.  We are not merging.”  The cheers and smiles quickly faded as the contestants learned they were still divided.

Bowling Is Boring

I love Survivor.  A whole lot.  But one thing I don’t like is Survivor mixed with bowling.  This challenge was extremely boring when we saw it last season in Samoa, and it was no different this time. Challenges should provide excitement and drama.  Instead — yaaaaawn.

Each person was given the chance to roll the ball twice in every round.  The player who knocked down the most pins would win a point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score three points would win a feast of pizza, bread and cold drinks.

After the Villains chose to sit Courtney and Sandra out, the Heroes easily won the challenge after just four rounds.

Pizza Pleasure & Villain Dispute

The Heroes gathered for their huge feast, which marked the third victory in a row for the once-struggling tribe.  As they all chowed down, the group talked about their thoughts of a women’s alliance on the Villains, which left them to think they had Russell and Coach instantly on their side.


Wow.  Assumptions are deadly in Survivor.  This should be interesting.

The Villains returned to camp after the challenge and had to rebuild everything after deconstructing their shelter.  Jerri wasn’t happy about anything — especially the decision to have Sandra and Courtney sit out in the challenge.  She felt like they were now screwed out of winning the upcoming Immunity Challenge since both of the weak women would have to compete.

But Sassy Sandra wasn’t ready to sit back and take Jerri’s attitude.  Sandra defended herself saying she couldn’t believe she and Courtney were getting blamed for their tribe losing the Reward challenge when they didn’t even participate.  Her frustration led to a brilliant strategy — to target Coach by telling Russell he was now gunning for him.

Sandra Slithers

As they sat on the beach, Sandra told Russell that she had overheard Coach say he made a mistake by voting out Boston Rob.  She lied and said Coach was regretting his decision and wished he would have voted out Russell instead.  And it worked.  Russell was convinced by her lie.  “Russell’s so stupid,” Sandra said in a confessional.  “He ate that crap up.  With me, he don’t know what he got himself in to.”


Moments later, Russell went and told Parvati about Coach’s alleged statements, which made it seem like an easy decision — Coach would be their next target for elimination.  Russell thought this would be the perfect way to definitely convince the Heroes that they were divided by a women’s alliance.

Muddy Battle

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants were belted together in pairs and had to race through a mud pit over and under a series of obstacles to get a flag across a finish line.  The first tribe to score two points would win Immunity.  In the first round it was Russell and Sandra against Amanda and Candice.  Digging their faces deep in the mud to get under the obstacles, Amanda and Candice pulled way ahead and easily scored the first point.  Russell looked disgusted with Sandra’s poor performance.

Up next it was Coach against Rupert in the only one-on-one match of the challenge.  It was extremely close, literally neck and neck all the way to the finish line when Coach nudged ahead at the last second and scored for the Villains.  In the final round it was JT and Colby against Courtney and Parvati.  It wasn’t even close as JT and Colby easily scored the winning point and took home Immunity once again.  Courtney hurt her ankle, and Rupert walked around looking truly scary covered in mud.  Almost like something out of “Lord of the Rings.”


Coach Or Courtney

Danielle said she wanted to vote Courtney out next since it wasn’t fair people like her were staying around in the game when they do nothing to help the tribe win during challenges.  Screeeeech!  Wait a minute.  Why on earth did you agree to vote against Tyson and Boston Rob, Danielle?  Doesn’t make much sense.  Quit complaining about losing for that reason.

After washing up from the muddy challenge, Coach also felt like Courtney should be eliminated next.  But a different plan was brewing at camp after Sandra’s lie about Coach targeting.

Russell was convinced about her story and was ready to cut Coach next.  Danielle wasn’t so sure, though.  She thought it was a dumb idea to vote Coach out since he’s a strong aspect of the tribe.  As she argued her case, Russell was not having any of Danielle’s strategy and stormed away from her saying he didn’t want to talk to her anymore about it.


At Tribal Council, Probst pointed out that the Villains have cut several strong players and kept somebody weak like Courtney.  “Boston Rob was dominating,” Probst said.  Courtney argued that she didn’t have anything to do with taking out Tyson or Boston Rob — it was the other people on her tribe.  Coach said he tried to rally his tribe before the Reward challenge, but Courtney immediately questioned his decision to have both herself and Sandra sit out so they would have the better chance to win food.  Probst looked on with a smile as the two exchanged words.

Courtney said she’s the poster child for weak Survivor.  “I’m a determined little bitch and I will put up with a lot of crap to get to the end.”

With that, everybody voted and it was revealed that Coach was the next contestant sent packing and became the first member of the jury.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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