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The Marriage Ref: Nathan Lane, Kathy Griffin, & Tracy Morgan

April 08, 2010 08:20 PM by Nancy Floyd


Another new episode of NBC‘s The Marriage Ref features Nathan Lane, Kathy Griffin, and Tracy Morgan offering their assistance and expertise to real-life marital dilemmas. The celebrity panel weighs in on spousal debates about card games, fishing trips, ghost hunting, mystery meals, and Betty Boop. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode…

The first dilemma on tonight’s episode of The Marriage Ref is about solitaire. Rosalyn and Cregg have been married for 17 years. Rosalyn wants Cregg to spend time with her while she plays the one-person card game. The celebrity panel isn’t sure what to make of Rosalyn and Cregg’s dilemma. Tracy Morgan wonders if there’s any hope for them, Kathy Griffin thinks Rosalyn’s request is totally legitimate, and Nathan Lane just seems confused. And he’s got a shady ‘stache. Before they weigh in on Rosalyn and Cregg’s dilemma, there’s another marital issue to mediate. It turns out card games aren’t the only thing coming between these two. Cregg has a hobby as well that he wishes Rosalyn would participate in. Cregg loves fishing and wants Rosalyn to join him, but she despises the pastime.


The celebrity panel gets slightly off-track discussing Tracy Morgan’s love life and offering the viewers a brief history of the many types of homosexuals, but The Marriage Ref brings them back to the point at hand. Time to cast a vote, folks. Nathan Lane sides with Cregg, Kathy Griffin sides with Rosalyn, and Tracy Morgan is just confused. And possibly drunk. It’s time for The Marriage Ref to make the call. On the solitaire issue, Cregg is deemed the winner, but when it comes to the fishing dilemma, Rosalyn is the winner. Tom Papa makes the mistake of letting the celebrity panel talk to the couple which results in Tracy Morgan making inappropriate passes at Rosalyn. I’m convinced that he’s intoxicated because no one can be that big of an idiot in real life.


The next couple seeking arbitration on tonight’s episode is Ohio-based John and Theresa. Their dilemma? Theresa spends her free time moonlighting as a ghost hunter. John wishes Theresa would spend more time at home, while Theresa wishes John would understand how important ghost hunting is to her. She thinks a good old-fashioned haunting would do John some good. After mocking Theresa’s ghost-hunting equipment, the celebrity panel decides to get some facts from NBC‘s own, Natalie Morales. Natalie sheds light on Theresa’s blinking piece of equipment, also known as a K2 meter, which is meant to track spiritual entities. Natalie also points out that these devices are not that well respected because they aren’t known for their accuracy. You don’t say.

Nathan Lane and Kathy Griffin think John should be deemed the winner, but Tracy Morgan votes for the wife simply because he likes the Ghostbuster movies. Sounds like a good enough reason. Sadly, that foolproof logic doesn’t convince The Marriage Ref to side with Theresa and he gives the victory to John.


Next, The Marriage Ref and his wacky celebrity panel mediate an argument for Kevin and Shante. The couple is trying to eat healthier and nothing says healthy living like green bean casserole. Shante wants Kevin to try the casserole, but Kevin won’t go near it. Nathan and Tracy are siding with Kevin on this debate, but Kathy agrees with Shante. The Marriage Ref goes with Kathy on this one and deems Shante the winner. Kevin needs to at least try the casserole before deciding he won’t eat it. The Marriage Ref gives Kevin an interesting condition though: if he’s willing to try a bite of the casserole live on the show, the call will be reversed. Shante whips out a plate of the casserole and directs a forkful to Kevin’s mouth but winning just isn’t that important to him. He refuses to take a bite and the casserole conundrum lives on.

The final couple seeking help on tonight’s episode is same-sex spouses, David and Michael. David has a giant Betty Boop statue in the center of the kitchen that Michael wants to trash. Despite his dedication to Michael, David isn’t ready to part with the woman in his life. Kathy Griffin thinks Betty is warm and welcoming to guests, but Tracy fears she looks a little psycho. Kathy and Tracy think Betty Boop should stay, but Nathan wants the statue to go. The Marriage Ref is going to allow Kathy Griffin the opportunity to make the call, since she possesses such vast knowledge on gay men. Kathy rules in favor of David and Boop gets to stay.


Tune in to NBC in two weeks for another brand new episode of The Marriage Ref.

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