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Dancing With The Stars: Brooke Burke Is Rooting For Kate Gosselin

April 10, 2010 10:30 AM by Nancy Floyd


It may seem like everyone is hoping to see Kate Gosselin fail on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but one fellow mom is rooting for her: DWTS’ host, Brooke Burke. Despite reports of Gosselin’s diva-like behavior on set, Burke has nothing but kind things to say about the Jon & Kate plus 8 star. Keep reading to find out what Burke really thinks of the single mom…

What started out as a dream job on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars has turned into somewhat of a nightmare for Kate Gosselin. She’s feuding with her partner, alienated from the rest of the cast, bashed by the judges, and as if that’s not enough, her ex-husband is using her involvement on the show to sue her for custody of their eight children. There is one woman, though, in Kate Gosselin’s corner: Dancing With the Stars‘ host (and former champion), Brooke Burke.

“I have such a soft spot for her,” Burke says. ”I want her to pull through just as a woman and a mother. I want her to be able to conquer it even if it’s only for one night.” Burke realizes that Gosselin certainly isn’t the most talented dancer on the ABC competition and says that the judges ”aren’t really making anything up” with their negative and harsh criticism, but she wishes they would ease up on the Jon & Kate plus 8 star. ”I just wish they would give her a little bit of a break…She has got it a little tougher than everybody else,” Burke says.

The Dancing With the Stars‘ host (who is a mother to four) says she has bonded with Gosselin backstage and hasn’t seen any of her diva-like antics that are being reported. ”She is nice and warm and so kind and approachable. I have this great relationship with her,” Burke says. She wishes America had the chance to see the softer side of the single mom though. ”As soon as the cameras go on,” Burke admits, “something happens.”

While new reports are surfacing everyday of Gosselin’s alleged diva attitude (including new allegations that she only allows people to speak to her through a bodyguard), Burke says, “I haven’t seen that side of Kate. Not one ounce.”

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