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Amazing Race: The Top Five Teams Travel To Singapore

April 11, 2010 06:54 PM by Nancy Floyd


There are five teams left on CBS‘ The Amazing Race and tonight they’re heading to Singapore. With even more challenges, a possible Fast Forward, and a U-turn on the line, the competition heats up as alliances are formed and rivals are made. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode…

On tonight’s episode of CBS‘ The Amazing Race, the five remaining teams must leave Malaysia and head to Singapore. Since Jet & Cord were the first to finish last week, they’re the first to depart. All five teams must travel 400 miles by bus and train to Singapore. Once they arrive, they must make their way to Victoria Concert Hall and find Allan Wu, host of Singapore’s version of The Amazing Race. Lesbian couple, Carol & Brandy are the second team to depart, followed closely by Detectives Louie & Michael. The teams are notified that in tonight’s leg of the race there will be a U-turn. Brent & Caite are hoping someone U-turns the lesbians, while Dan & Jordan‘s race philosophy is to play fair and try to stay out of everyone else’s way.

The teams are split up into three different buses. Jet & Cord make it on the first bus at 10:45am, Carol & Brandy make it on the second bus, fifteen minutes later, and the remaining three teams depart on the third bus an hour later. At the train station, all five teams are on an even playing field as they board the same train. After arriving in Singapore, the teams race through the station searching for taxis. Caite falls down the stairs as Jet & Cord struggle to find an available cab.

The Amazing Race 16

Dan & Jordan are the first team to find Allan Wu at the Victoria Concert Hall and receive information about tonight’s Fast Forward which involves the Singapore Flier, the tallest observation wheel in the world. In order to complete the Fast Forward, they must ride the Singapore Flier until their capsule reaches the very top, a height of 541 feet. They must then get out of their capsule and crawl across a metal beam to reach the next capsule. The first team to complete the task is able to skip directly to the Pit Stop.

Dan & Jordan decide to go for the Fast Forward while the other four teams run through the concert hall, instead of finding Allan Wu sitting outside. Once the other teams finally find Allan, they receive a clue about tonight’s Detour options: Pounding the Drums or Pounding the Pavement. In Pounding the Drums, teams head to a park, learn a complex routine on traditional drums, then perform the routine with the drum troupe before receiving their clue. In Pounding the Pavement, they must head to a pedestrian mall, grab supplies and ten boxes of ice cream, then work an ice cream cart, selling 25 ice cream sandwiches to people on the street.

The Cowboys, Detectives, and Models decide to take on the drums, while Carol & Brandy still struggle to find Allan Wu. They soon find him and decide to try their hand at Pounding the Drums too. By the time the lesbians arrive at the Detour, the other three teams are hard at work trying to learn the difficult drum routine. Both Louie & Michael are struggling to find their inner drummer boy so they decide to try to head to the Singapore Flier and try the Fast Forward. Little do they know, Dan & Jordan have already boarded the Flier. They soon find out after arriving and decide to ditch the Fast Forward and head back to the Detour. Unfortunately, their cab driver is nowhere to be found. He quickly returns from a bathroom break and the Detectives head to the Ice Cream Detour.

At the top of the Singapore Flier, Jordan looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. As he slowly crawls across the top of the wheel, shaking all the way, he musters up some courage by talking to himself about The Amazing Race‘s one million dollar prize. His pep talk works and he makes it across. Back at the drum detour, Carol & Brandy get in a fight about whether or not they should continue attempting to learn the routine and Brent wonders if he’ll be able to figure it out. Meanwhile, Dan & Jordan finish the Fast Forward and are able to head straight to the Pit Stop.


At the Ice Cream Detour, Louie & Michael find their supplies and begin to set up shop. At the Drum Detour, Jet & Cord think they’ve learned their drum routine well enough and are ready to start their performance. They lose their rhythm after a few beats and decide to head back for more practice. Meanwhile, Brent & Caite take the stage, nail the routine, and receive their next clue. Now they must look for Istana Park on the corner of Panang and Orchard Roads. Dan & Jordan arrive at the Pit Stop and are the first team by a long shot. They’ve also each won a motorbike as their prize, although they assure Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, that their mother would kill them if they ever tried to ride one. Just so we’re clear, competing in death defying stunts around the globe for a reality TV program is A-ok with Dan & Jordan’s mom, but a joy ride on a motorbike is off-limits.

Brent & Caite are the first to arrive at Istana Park and are filled with glee to see that the U-Turn is wide open. Not surprisingly, they decide to U-Turn Carol & Brandy which means the lesbian couple will be forced to complete both detours tonight. I bet that will go over great. Louie & Michael do a fantastic job at the Ice cream detour, convincing their cab driver to buy 10 of their 25 ice cream sandwiches. Carol & Brandy give a pitiful drum performance but it’s enough to secure them their clue. Unfortunately, it only takes a few minutes for them to arrive at Istana Park and realize they’ve been U-turned by Brent & Caite. Naturally, they’re thrilled. They then spend about 20 minutes ruthlessly mocking Brent & Caite and proving exactly why they’re so hated.

Louie & Michael, on the other hand, are thrilled to see that Carol & Brandy have been U-Turned. Next, it’s time for the teams to complete tonight’s Road Block. The teams must head to the ports to inspect enormous anchor chains and count the chain links. Brent & Caite are the first team to arrive at the Road Block and Brent gets to work. Despite the noisy atmosphere and general chaos at the port, he manages to get the correct number (521) on his first attempt. Back at the drum Detour, Jet & Cord give their performance and are given their next clue.

On the way to the Road Block, Louie & Michael remark on how pleased they are that they’ve managed to convince the other teams, namely Brent & Caite, that Carol & Brandy are a bigger threat than they are, thus keeping them from being the ones U-turned. They arrive at the Road Block and Michael reveals he brought a pitch counter with him, making the Road Block incredibly easy for them. Carol & Brandy struggle to get set up at the ice cream detour, bickering all the way, but manage to sell the 25 sandwiches rather quickly.

After completing the Road Block, Brent & Caite head to Sentosa, an adult playground for a massive zip line adventure. They have no reservations at all about the zip line and quickly receive their next clue with info about the Pit Stop location. Brent & Caite are on their way to way to the Pit Stop before any of the other teams have completed the Road Block. Louie & Michael and Jet & Cord complete the Road Block at virtually the same time as one another before Carol & Brandy ever arrive. Unfortunately, Louie & Michael’s cab driver abandoned them and they have no way to get to the next challenge. They eventually pay off a lady in a cab to give up her taxi for them.


At the Pit Stop, Brent & Caite finish in second place and take a moment to trash talk Carol & Brandy to The Amazing Race‘s host, Phil Keoghan. Jet & Cord arrive at Sentosa and complete the zip line challenge before Louie & Michael arrive. Louie & Michael arrive at the zip line just moments before Carol & Brandy. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord finish in third place. Louie & Michael set off on the zip line adventure and hurry to make it to the Pit Stop before Carol & Brandy. At this point, it looks like it could be anyone’s game. The two teams race to the Pit Stop, but Louie & Michael make it there first, finishing in fourth place. That means Carol & Brandy are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from The Amazing Race. They use their final moments to be rude and ungrateful, mocking Brent & Caite even more. I wish I could say I would miss this two but good riddance!

Tune into The Amazing Race in two weeks on CBS when the four remaining teams head to Shanghai.

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3 Responses to “Amazing Race: The Top Five Teams Travel To Singapore”

  1. fairgame Says:
    April 11th, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Ms. Floyd, Are we watching the same show? It’s interesting that you haven’t said anything negative about Brent and Caite, who have done nothing to hide their hatefulness and prejudice. I guess you think their behavior has been okay, because, after all, their only making fun of gay people. I’m actively rooting against them because they are shallow, hateful, and prejudiced, while calling themselves religious. Typical hateful small minded rednecks. Since you were so obviously in their corner, I guess I know where you are coming from also. I only logged into this site to call you out on your own cowardly comments. But, hey, good for you, you have your own site where you can spread your own “opinions.” Free speech, right?

  2. Nancy Floyd Says:
    April 12th, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Hey Fairgame, I’m so sorry if my recap offended you. I’m definitely NOT in Brent & Caite’s corner by any means and if you read previous recaps, you’ll see that I have plenty of negative things to say about the pair who come across to me as confrontational, shallow, and less than intelligent. Truth be told, I’d have been just as happy if they’d been eliminated as Carol & Brandy. With that said, I wasn’t too sad to see Carol & Brandy go since they’ve done nothing but bicker with one another and show general disrespect and rudeness to nearly everyone they’ve come in contact with. Sexual orientation aside, I just wasn’t a fan of theirs or how they play the game. I’m sure in a less high-pressured situation, they might be wonderful women, but they haven’t shown much likability on the show. I could care less if they’re gay, straight, or bisexual…I just wasn’t a fan. Just as I’m not a fan of Brent & Caite. The team I’m really rooting for…the only remaining team that I think has handled themselves with integrity, humor, and kindness throughout the entire competition…is Dan & Jordan. And wouldn’t you know, they happen to have a member on their team who is gay.

  3. Paulene Hinds Says:
    April 21st, 2010 at 7:00 am

    Sexuality aside….they didn’t make it through and that is that! The show has ooddles and oodles of footage that they can show us viewers and they choose to show the crap because THAT is what people want to see! Unfortunately this team has come across on TV as being anti-social towards the other teams and as having serious relationship issues as a couple. We all have our favorites and yes…that is freedom of choice!


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