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Celebrity Apprentice: Right Guard

April 11, 2010 08:48 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Donald Trump issues the teams a tough new task: creating a commercial for Right Guard. With team members dwindling down and some dead weight gone, will the men of Rocksolid finally be able to pull off a win or will team Tenacity win their fourth consecutive time? Keep reading for all the details!

Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Donald Trump starts us off by filling everyone in that Sharon is still sick and will not be there this week. He makes it perfectly clear however that he will not allow this to go on much longer if she continues to remain sick. He also informs them that Cyndi will be gone for one day at the White House as a new law is passed that she has been trying to push for years. Then he gives the celebrities their next task: creating 2 commercials for Right Guard deodorant. They need to shoot a 30 second spot for television as well as a 10 second internet spot.

Since the teams will each get a basketball player to help aid them in filming their commercial, Donald Trump decides to play a game of hoops with the contestants. One by one he wants them each to take a shot, and whomever gets a basket first will get a check for the charity of that team’s project manager. The men are quickly put to shame as each one of them misses and Maria comes up in her huge pumps and nails it right through! So Maria just won some money for Holly’s charity this week on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.


With the teams now even at four, Tenacity will have Holly as project manager this week, while Curtis gets a shot as project manager for Rocksolid. The men who have asked Brett for creative thoughts seem to have all their ideas together and things are running smoothly. That is until Brett’s mind goes elsewhere as he gets a call that his daughter, who is showing all the normal signs, is being tested for diabetes. Brett, who also suffers from diabetes is heartbroken for his daughter and breaks down in tears. The guys console him though and pick him up and it’s right back to creating their commercial. Brett has a few minor setbacks along the way, like trying to change plans midway, but Curtis puts his foot down and tells the guys they will stick with their original plans. They ended up with a somewhat funny commercial which targeted the right age audience as well as showed the endurance of the Right Guard product.

The ladies of team Tenacity on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, also seem to have all their ideas together as everyone is working well together minus Cyndi and Sharon. Selita has a few moments where she is not doing much, like helping the other girls haul in all the props, she seemed to be avoiding that task. Maria has a moment of editing funk, where something disappeared from their 10 second commercial, which Holly was not thrilled about, but Maria had asked someone to come check a while earlier. When Cyndi did return the next day, she added her musical touch to the tapes and of course put her two cents in…she wouldn’t be Cyndi if she didn’t. In the end, the girls had a very funny commercial, although I am not sure it targeted the proper audience, but the Right Guard executives were laughing along the way which was a great sign!


Right before the boardroom meeting, Donald Trump met with Michael, who had decided he was leaving as he had personal family issues that he cared not to discuss. Just another blow to the men, I sure hope they can pull back from this one. Then it was time for the boardroom meeting on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. While Donald Trump viewed the commercials with the contestants, he seemed to like them both…but ultimately it was up to the Right Guard executives to choose the winner, which they did.

The winning team this week on Donald Trump was team Rocksolid, finally! The Right Guard executives loved that their commercial was all about the endurance of the product, while the girls also failed to reach the target market age of young men, instead their commercial seemed to revolve around a mom. So, it was time to fire someone now, and when asked who she would like to bring back into the boardroom, Holly really tried to persuade Donald Trump to allow her to bring Cyndi back, but he refused as she was not there for the entire challenge.

Holly wound up bringing back Selita and Maria with her for her failed Right Guard task. While she tried to throw Maria under the bus, Maria fought back with every ounce of her being. Donald Trump wanted to know why Selita was not defensive, and she could not answer. She claimed she was a strong player, but she is just not as tough as the other girls. With all this in mind, Donald Trump took no time at all to fire Selita, claiming at this stage you need to be strong and defensive. On her way home, Selita made sure to throw in a comment of how conniving Maria is and to watch out for her on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. See you after the show!

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