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Undercover Boss Season Finale: 1-800 Flowers

April 11, 2010 07:56 PM by Nancy Floyd

Undercover Boss

The season finale of Undercover Boss on CBS follows the President of 1-800-Flowers as he goes undercover in his own floral business. In tonight’s episode, Chris McCann tries to step out of his older brother’s shadow by gaining new insight into the company’s staff and productivity through his undercover mission. Keep reading for more details about Chris’s experience arranging flowers, packing chocolates, and how his cover is almost blown…

On tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss on CBS, Chris McCann, the President of 1-800-Flowers, sets out to learn more about his company and prove his worth to his overbearing older brother by going undercover in his own company. The world’s largest floral and gift shop, 1-800-Flowers is run by brothers, Jim and Chris McCann. Big brother Jim is the founder and CEO and younger brother, Chris McCann is the president. Chris gave up his dreams of becoming a lawyer to join his brother in business, but can’t seem to get out of his big brother’s shadow. Since Jim is so visible in the company, Chris is the better option to go undercover. Plus, working as the Undercover Boss finally gives Chris the opportunity to be taken seriously by his older brother.

Chris dons a hat, fake glasses, and scruffy beard to serve as his disguise. His first job as the Undercover Boss is in South Plainfield, New Jersey working with a floral designer named Pauline. Chris is helping Pauline put together 20 arrangements that need to be delivered. Chris struggles to keep up with Pauline’s quick-paced work. During their conversation, Pauline tells Chris that she thinks 1-800-Flowers is outdated. She wishes that young designers like herself would have the opportunity to contribute ideas for new arrangements.

The second job Chris is working as the Undercover Boss is at the Fanny May Factory in Canton, Ohio. Chris will be working with Nicole on the production line at the chocolate factory. They’re working on making chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. I’m hungry. Chris’s job is to box the chocolates at the end of the conveyer belt. Not surprisingly, Chris struggles to keep up and precious chocolates are spilled all over the floor. While Chris frantically runs around like a crazy person, Nicole remains calm, cool, and collected. Nicole tells Chris about the ridiculous goals that are mandated for the factory by men who never even pay the site a visit.

Undercover Boss

Chris’s next job as the Undercover Boss is in Boston at one of the most successful 1-800-Flowers stores. He’s working with Dee, the store manager, helping arrange flowers and run the store. Chris is incredibly impressed with Dee and the connection she has with all of her customers. The general manager, Steven, stops by unexpectedly and threatens to blow Chris’s cover since the two men have met in the past. When Chris is sent on a delivery with Steven, he reveals his true identity but gets Steven to promise to keep it a secret.

The fourth job for Chris is another 1-800-Flowers shop in a wealthy Massachusetts suburb, working with Sheryl, the store manager. Chris spends the majority of the day wasting time because of the lack of customers. Sheryl blames the store name and minimal advertising for the poor business.

Chris’s last day undercover is at a 1-800-Flowers store in Brooklyn, New York working with a 19-year old manager named Jose. Chris spends the day organizing flowers, cleaning the back room, and doing inventory. Chris’s cover is threatened again when his older brother, Jim decides to stop by and check up on him. Jose gets a call from corporate notifying him of Jim’s impending arrival which throws everything into high gear. Chris is frustrated and annoyed by Jim’s surprise arrival, especially when Jim taunts and mocks his work performance. After Jim’s departure, Chris takes Jose out for a slice of pizza. I sense a heart-to-heart coming up. Sure enough, Jose shares his heartbreaking life story with Chris. His dad died when he was young, his mother was ill, and Jose needed to find work at a young age to help his family.

Chris and Jim meet up for coffee to discuss what Chris learned from his experience as the Undercover Boss before Chris reveals his real identity to the employees he worked with during his journey. Naturally, everyone’s shocked to learn that Chris is really the President of 1-800-Flowers. Chris was impressed with Nicole’s work ethic and wants to give her the opportunity to help set the goals for the factory. He was also inspired by Nicole’s hard work to create an incentive program for employees who meet or exceed their goals. Chris is going to give Pauline the opportunity to help design new floral arrangements for 1-800-Flowers. Somehow this leads to Pauline crying and talking about her dad looking down on her from heaven.

Chris was blown away by Dee’s amazing interaction with the customers. To honor her, Chris will be naming a new arrangement after Dee. Chris is giving Sheryl the opportunity to work with local store marketers to promote her store. Lastly, Chris meets with Jose and offers to be his personal mentor. Chris also feels that Jose could go on to be 1-800-Flowers youngest franchise owner in history and when the time comes, Chris pledges to give $25,000 to make that a reality.

After revealing his true identity to the employees he worked with, Chris addresses the company at a corporate-wide event and shares his experience as the Undercover Boss. After the highlight reel rolls, Chris shares the requisite inspirational speech about changing people’s lives and being a better man and blah, blah, blah.

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