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Dancing With The Stars 04/12/10: Double Score Showdown During The Sexiest Night Of The Year

April 12, 2010 07:45 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, the dancers were performing either the torrid Tango or the romantic Rumba and the judges had issued a new challenge for our stars…the double score showdown. The stars would be given two sets of scores, one for technique and one for performance this evening while including very specific moves.  Was their too much sex on the dance floor for fuddy duddy judge Len Goodman or was he left wanting more?

dancing with the stars erin-andrews-and-maksim-chmerkovskiy

The first dancers tonight on Dancing With the Stars were and Erin and Maks dancing a Tango. This week they were being judged separately for technique and performance and Erin was freaking out because Len had given her and Maks a whipping on their technique prior to this week’s rehearsals. Erin had hurt her back, but was ready to show off her tangolicious moves! Their performance was very H-O-T, but I expected even more fire from this couple. Len Goodman thought that the start of their dance was brilliant and of course he would…Erin was all over him in the beginning of the routine. Bruno told Erin the dance began well and then she lost control of her performance and Carrie Ann thought that Erin was in and out of the routine. Their score for technique was 18 and their score for performance was 21.

Olympic figure skating Champion Evan was up next with his partner Anna. They were working through the pain of Evan’s broken toes and focusing on details, details details! I thought that their Tango was much more sexy than Erin and Maks. I love that they used a chair in their routine and his ending pose was so sexy! Bruno thought that the dance was strong and powerful. Carrie Ann thought that it was a perfect blend of artistry and technique and Len complimented Evan on stepping on his heel as a true Tango dancer would. Their technique score was 26 and their score for performance 26.


It was passion night on Dancing With the Stars and the next performance would be the Rumba by Niecy and Louis. Louis joined Niecy on the set of her show, Clean House this week so they could take as much time as they could to rehearse. Louis dedicated this dance to Niecy’s brother who lost his life seventeen years ago. Their routine was going to be spiritual, instead of sexual and romantic. Her Angel was kicking in for her as she hit the dance floor this evening. The routine seemed slow in the beginning, but they kicked it up in the middle of their routine. I love Niecy, she is so real! She began to cry and hugged her family at the end of their dance. Len said that she showed lovely musicality, but there were no highlights going on. Bruno said she looked like she was in a trance and her hips never happened…it didn’t gel for him. Carrie Ann said as a tribute to her brother she felt it, but she said her emotions did not come through as it should have. The judges gave them 18 for technique and their performance score was 18.

Aiden and Edyta were dancing a Rumba tonight. Aiden was hoping to romance his way up to a good position, but his shyness was holding him back. Edyta and Evan went on a cruise ship to meet Soap Opera fans. Did meeting his fans give him the confidence to go for it tonight? Yes it did! Carrie Ann said that his personality came alive, but his technique was weird. Len thought that the dance had no flow and Bruno said the routine was like stop motion animation and his movement was not from his center where it should have been. I think Len was just jealous because he doesn’t look that sexy with his shirt undone! Their score for technique was 15 and their score for performance was a little bit higher, 18.

dancing with the stars nicole-scherzinger-and-derek-hough

Nicole and Derek were hoping to Rumba back into Len’s heart tonight. He actually hated their routine last week as he said it was a lot of Vaudeville slap stick acting. Nicole and Derek were having a hard time focusing due to their fun filled relationship and Nicole was concerned with the judging, but she needn’t be as their routine was sexy and sweet! It was difficult to tell who the professional was tonight. Bruno said that Nicole was a little hesitant tonight…what? He said he wanted more sex! Carrie Ann noticed that Nicole was very nervous tonight and was quivering. She did like her lines though. Len said that she had the balance correct between technique and performance. I guess they were not watching the same routine that I was? Their score for technique was 25 and their score for performance was also 25…they scored well anyway!

Last week on Dancing With the Stars, Jake’s Egyptian theme wowed the judges, but he still ended up in the bottom two and he said that he didn’t want to end up there ever again! He was finally putting his trust in Chelsie. They were dancing the last Tango of the week with a sharp and sassy routine, but he lost it and fell over. Len said that he liked the attack of the dance and how Jake gave it his all. Bruno said that he had lots of energy, but the dance was messy and after he fell he couldn’t get it back together. Carrie Ann said that the biggest problem is that Jake isn’t holding Chelsie correctly and he isn’t connected with her emotionally or physically. I personally think that Chelsie intimidates The Bachelor‘s Jake and he has difficulties with strong women in general. They received 19 for technique and 19 for performance.

Kate and Tony were dancing the last Tango and once again Kate was bringing her baggage into the rehearsal room. She said that she lives her days by what she sees in the paper each day about her life or that of her ex-husband. She is not a very self-assured woman and seems to be on the brink of a mental breakdown. She needs to go home! Once again she danced like a mannequin…she is asking to go home people so PLEASE VOTE HER OFF! Bruno said at moments she looked like she was dancing, but her technique is still very, very bad. Carrie Ann told her she was very proud of her for her determination and Len said that if Tony had a really talented dancer it would be much easier to teach the routines and he did very well teaching Kate. That was a diss! Their technique score was 14 and their performance score was 18. She is stepping up in the world and hopefully stepping off of the show tomorrow night.


The second to last dancers of the evening on Dancing With the Stars were Chad and Cheryl dancing the Rumba. Chad is still trying to win the girl and their dance was sexy and romantic with perfect choreography. I enjoyed the ending when they fell on the stage together and Cheryl played in the feathers. Carrie Ann said that Chad turned on the heat and this was his best dance. Len thought that Chad was flirting with him and told Chad that this was his best dance as well. Bruno asked Cheryl what she has been doing this week and told Chad he was smokin’ and his hips were alive. They showed the beautiful diamond ring that Chad bought Cheryl Burke as a token of his appreciation for all of her hard work. They received 21 for their technique and a 23 for performance. Chad was happy that his diamond ring was coming in handy, but host Tom Bergeron felt that Chad did not get his money’s worth from Len Goodman’s comments tonight!

The final dance tonight was by Pamela and Damian. They were hoping that their Rumba would be refined and understated! Len said it was quiet and understated and had sophistication. Wow! Bruno thought that Pamela Anderson could do refinement and sophistication and still be drop dead sexy. Carrie Ann said that their is magic happening with Pamela and her routine was really well done. I enjoy watching her to see what she will bring each week! Beautiful dance. Their technique score was 23 and their Performance score 24.

Tomorrow night on Dancing With the Stars the couple with the lowest combined scores will go home and the special guest is Sade. The Macy’s Star of dance will feature the New York City Ballet and Nuttin But Stringz will perform along with some talented dancers. It all begins at 8 PM ET only on ABC!

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