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Dancing With The Stars: Evan Lysacek’s Broken Toes Tango

April 12, 2010 08:59 AM by Nancy Floyd


Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek has been standing out among the competition on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, despite working through a major injury. The star, who broke two of his toes last week, is pressing through the pain to prepare a fun tango with partner, Anna Trebunskaya, for tonight’s show. Keep reading for more details on Evan’s injury, his stressful week of rehearsal, and the new DWTS scoring system…

Evan Lysacek and partner, Anna Trebunskaya, have an exciting tango in store for viewers on tonight’s episode of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. Lysacek, who is still nursing two broken toes, says the dance is a bit better on his injured foot. “After last week’s performance, my left foot was a little tender. I’m glad to say that the tango is a bit kinder to my broken toes. I’m really enjoying this dance a lot,” Lysacek blogs for People magazine.

Fans can expect a new and interesting take on the classic dance from Lysacek and Trebunskaya. “Our version has more of a fun twist to it than a classic tango. Anna and I get to have a great time with it. We also have some great music to accompany us, which is a little nod to our fellow cast mate Nicole Scherzinger. Yes, we are doing the tango to The Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Wait A Minute,’” Lysacek says.

The exciting tango should be fun for viewers of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but it didn’t come together without its share of difficulties. The dancing pair has been taking their rehearsals on the road and this week, in addition to Lysacek’s injury, Trebunskaya dealt with an illness of her own. “Anna and I are traveling every week so that I can perform with the Stars on Ice skating tour. We hit the road on Wednesday and started rehearsing our tango, but sadly, Anna got a little bit under the weather and we both were exhausted, so this week was a little bit tough. But we managed to get through it by getting as much rest as possible, and making sure we put in quality rehearsal time along the way,” Lysacek says.

Despite the tough week, the pair is eager to hit the dance floor on tonight’s episode of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. They’re also excited about the show’s new scoring system which allows the judges to score each couple twice, once for technicality and once for performance. “I think all of us on the cast are excited about the new scoring system. It adds a new twist to the show and it’s a great opportunity to measure where we all are from a technical standpoint and a performance standpoint. Anna and I split our time this week working on the technical elements of our tango, and then on the performance,” Lysacek says.

Lysacek isn’t only excited to strut his own stuff on the dance floor. He’s looking forward to watching his competitors take the stage as well. “Because of our travel schedule, we didn’t get to see the other couple’s routines this week in rehearsals. So, as much as I’m a competitor and can’t wait the hit the floor, the fan inside of me is very much looking forward to being a spectator Monday night,” he says.

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