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Intervention: Ashley’s Addiction To Heroin & Xanax

April 12, 2010 07:29 PM by Jennifer


here are millions of people in this world suffering from and addiction. Tonight on Intervention on A&Ewe meet one of them named Ashley, who is addicted to Xanax, as well as black tar heroin. She crushes the Xanax to get high faster. In order to get her drugs, Ashley has had multiple sexual encounters with drug dealers. She does so much heroin that she has destroyed her lungs and often coughs so much that she coughs up blood. Will her family be able to save her before it’s too late? Keep reading to find out!


Ashley often uses a nebulizer because she is in respiratory distress due to the damage that has occurred to her lungs, and she is only 23. Ashley lived in a house with her birth mother, Michelle, and her grandfather who she was very close to. Her mother Michelle became addicted to crystal meth when Ashley was a year old. She chose drugs over her daughter, and Ashley was raised by her Aunt Cindy and Uncle Joe. Once she moved in with them, her behavior and grades improved. But at age 15, the grandfather that Ashley loved so much had a stroke, and passed away. Ashley took his death so hard, as he meant the world to her. When she was 16, she tried smoking heroin. When her Aunt and Uncle found out, they made Ashley attend a 90 day treatment program. With resentment against them for sending her to treatment, Ashley moved back in with her birth mother. She wanted her to feel some of the pain that she had caused Ashley, so Ashley continually used drugs in front of her. When she moved back in with her aunt and uncle last year, she felt like an outcast, calling herself the black sheep of the family. She no longer got along with her cousin Nicole.

Sometimes sitting on the side of the road, Ashley will resort to using anything and everything to get high, including using a hollowed out tampon to snort her pills. Her Aunt Cindy has made it her mission to try and save Ashley. This mothering instinct comes along with doctors telling her she was unable to have children. She had always wanted a big family, and when she had her daughter Nicole she was blessed, and she feels the same about Ashley. Since Ashley’s birth mother stopped using crystal meth seven years ago, she has tried to convince Ashley that what she is doing is not good. Her mother wants a relationship with her, but they are more like friends. But Cindy feels like she is being pushed to the side because of the bond that she shares with her birth mother as an addict.

When Ashley is not at home, Cindy tracks her down at her boyfriend’s house and at other drug houses and literally have to drag her to the car kicking and screaming like a child. She doesn’t know how lucky she is to have people that care about her so much to try and rescue her from her dangerous addiction. When they do get her into the car, she continues to scream and curse out her aunt and uncle, saying she hates them and she even calls 911 when she gets back to her house. As a police officer pulls up, he tells Cindy and Joe that since she is over 18 they could be arrested for kidnapping. In return for not pressing charges, they gave Ashley her car keys, which is what she originally wanted.


On tonight’s episode of Intervention on A&E, her family realizes that Ashley has finally hit rock bottom, and she needs an Intervention. They seek help from Jeff VanVonderen, who tells them that they are co-dependent, and he offers Ashley’s birth mother treatment as well, and she wants to think about it until the Intervention. The family does want help, and Jeff suggests that the family seek therapy to deal with her behavior, as well as their own. But they have no idea what they are about to be in for. Ashley thinks she is coming to do a final interview in a documentary about addiction, but when she finds out that she is really there for an Intervention, and boy does she go ballistic. As soon as she sees members of her family, she flips out and storms out of the room into the elevator and starts screaming that she is going to leave and she is not staying to do an Intervention on A&E.

She leaves the building and gets into her car and is followed by her sister Nicole. She tries to comfort Ashley by telling her that all they want to do is talk to her and tell her they love her. She also decides to smoke a little heroin while talking to her sister in the car. She is finally convinced to come back to the room, and is introduced to Jeff.

She breaks down as her family tells her that she need shelp and should seek treatment. She really doesn’t want to go, and asks to go downstairs for a cigarette, and Jeff VanVonderen joins her. He explains to her all about the treatment facility, and that she will get great care there. After going back upstairs, her family is relieved to hear her say she will get help. As she drives away, her birth mother decides that it is about time that she seeks treatment as well. But in the end, she did not.

After ten weeks of treatment Cindy and Nicole drive to the center to see Ashley. They also sought counseling as well since Ashley has been away. When they arrive and she answers the door, she looks like a totally different person, so happy to see them with a smile on her face. She loves being sober, and at the end of this episode of Intervention on A&E we find out that Ashley relapsed after being a month out of a 90 day treatment center, and is back living with her birth mother after not being allowed back into her aunt and uncle’s house. She has been sober since March 2010. Hopefully she can stay that way.

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out if another life can be saved. See you after the show!

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