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The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars: Jake Pavelka Interview

April 12, 2010 07:06 AM by Christine McDow

I got the chance to interview Jake Pavelka from The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars and it was really quite enjoyable.  We discussed the weather here in his hometown of Dallas, how the flowers (and weeds) are in full bloom, and he even told me that he loves the hot 100 degree plus summer weather.  Listening to all the media buzz lately left me not quite sure of the person I was going to be speaking with on the other end of the line, but I found Jake very fun and entertaining.  I hope many of your questions will be answered by reading this interview as I know mine were!

Reality TV Magazine: Last week when your Dancing with the Stars partner Chelsie tried to push you to do your best, you told her she was disrespectful.  Are you intimidated by her?

Jake Pavelka: Am I intimidated?  No. On the dance floor I have a deep respect for Chelsie because I ask her to teach me something that is uncomfortable for me to learn. I am not a natural dancer but desire to learn.  Some of the positions hurt your hip.  They did not air me telling Chelsie that it was hurting, just her response to me.

dancing with the stars jake-pavelka-and-chelsie-hightower
Reality TV Magazine: Of course they don’t show us all…

Jake Pavelka: No, we don’t wear the same clothes everyday, we practice six days a week.  ABC shows one and half minutes of the practices.

Reality TV Magazine: What has your experience been with Kate Gosselin?  Is her attitude as bad as the reports claim?

Jake Pavelka:
Kate is very nice person, very cordial.  We are friends or familiar acquaintances.  There are a lot of rumors but the problem is she is 15 states away, in PA.

Reality TV Magazine: I have wondered that too.  When she is never there how can she be so nasty…

Jake Pavelka: I agree, she is cordial.  She is so busy, three shows, 8 kids, where does she have the time?  She isn’t as the media portrays her.

Reality TV Magazine: What has been your favorite dance so far? What dance are you looking forward to learning?

Jake Pavelka:
I am looking forward to the Samba, so far the Jive has been my favorite.

Reality TV Magazine: Which celebrity do you think has the best chance of winning the whole competition?

Jake Pavelka:
Either Evan Lysacek or Nicole Scherzinger.  They are entertaining to watch.  The only thing I can say is that they dance for a living and their scores are so high so early on there is not a lot of room for them to grow.  If you watch past seasons of Dancing with the Stars, America tends to favor someone they have to watch struggle and get better and then who all of a sudden comes together than the one that is the best from the beginning.  If I had to pick one I would say Nicole and Derek.

Reality TV Magazine: How far do you think you will get on the show?

Jake Pavelka:
My goal is just to go show by show…if I can make it to semi finals I will do a back flip.

Reality TV Magazine: Can you do a back flip?

Jake Pavelka:
If I make the semi-finals I will come stand in your front yard and do a back flip. (Laugh)

Reality TV Magazine: Since I live in your hometown, I will hold you to that. (Laugh)

Reality TV Magazine:
Last week it was reported that Ali quit her job at Facebook.  How do you feel about Ali quitting her job to become the next The Bachelorette, but not being willing to give it up for you?

Jake Pavelka:
I didn’t know she quit.  What is she going to do when The Bachelorette ends?  Who knows what will happen after the show and what opportunities she will have.

Reality TV Magazine: Is Ali the better The Bachelorette or would Tenley have been?

Jake Pavelka:
Both girls have different things to offer, they would have both been good. Ali did a lot of growing, and is in the right spot to open up and find someone.

Reality TV Magazine: Do you regret her leaving?

Jake Pavelka:
No, Ali and I will be friends forever, but if I had felt like she was the one I would have brought her back in St Lucia.

Reality TV Magazine: People would have thought ABC had rigged the show.  Back to Jillian and Ed, more like a, “Oh no, here we go again.”

Jake Pavelka:
When producers said she wanted to come back, that she worked it out with her job, I thought “OMG I have already moved past this.” It wasn’t a fun decision.

Reality TV Magazine: How does your church community feel about you and Vienna? Have you taken her to any services with you?

Jake Pavelka:
We haven’t been to church together yet but we are very spiritual people.  That is one of the things that makes our relationship strong.  I have invited the pastors to come to LA and to a taping of Dancing with the Stars.  You should call them and get them to come to Dancing with the Stars. (Laugh)

Reality TV Magazine: I will do that. (Laugh)

Reality TV Magazine: Right before the finale we reported that People Magazine quoted you saying in reference to wedding bells in your future, “‘Hopefully. I can’t say whether it will come from someone I met on the show (The Bachelor).’”  Why would you say that if you are Vienna are as tight as you guys claims to be?

Jake Pavelka:
I can answer that really easily.  I wasn’t going to tell anyone the ending of the show.  I didn’t want to give anything away.

Reality TV Magazine:
So do you see wedding bells in the future with Vienna?  Have you set a date?

Jake Pavelka:
Definitely wedding bells with Vienna.  We haven’t set a date but we are having fun in LA, she is cheering me on.  The way I see it, I have found the girl, the hard part is done.

Reality TV Magazine: One of our readers wanted to know why you use the phrase “awesome” so much?  It seems that while you were on The Bachelor everything was “awesome”.  Is that your way of hiding how you really feel about something?  Your automatic answer?

Jake Pavelka:
It is the way I feel about life.  I use it to express how I feel about something.  Definitely not an automatic answer.

Reality TV Magazine: Well thank you!  I hope to be able to interview you and Vienna together in the future here in Dallas.

Jake Pavelka:
I would love that.  I miss the Big D.  Hopefully I won’t be back till June.  The last competition is on May 27th.  If I am there I will come do back flips in your front yard.

Reality TV Magazine: Again, I will be holding you to that.  I know where to find you. (Laugh)

We can’t wait to see Jake on Dancing with the Stars tonight!  How do you think he will do?  There is no telling who America will vote out each week, but we hope we get to see a lot more of Jake Pavelka.  Are you enjoying watching him on Dancing with the Stars or did you get enough of him on The Bachelor?  We hope that we will get to interview him and Vienna together when they get back here to Texas so if there is anything you want to know, just comment below and we will ask!

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