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Millionaire Matchmaker: Season Finale With Zagros & Greg

April 13, 2010 08:16 PM by Jennifer


Patti Stanger has seen her share of millionaires, but tonight on the season finale of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, she finds out that Destin has brought back Zagros, who broke Patti’s cardinal rule and had sex on the first date. Will she be able to give this guy a second chance? Keep reading to find out!


The last time that Zagros was on the show, he had his mother with him to screen the girls. He ended up picking a girl named Teal, and they slept together on the first date, which is a big Millionaire’s Club no no! Patti is livid that he is back, but determined to rip him a new one before she even tries to help him again. When she meets with Zagros, she is honest in telling him that she does not believe he has changed, and is just looking for a booty call. But he swears that he is looking for marriage material. With his past history, Patti thinks it is not a good idea for her to look through her database and have a mixer with many women.

Patti also has another client, Greg, who is a 47 year old mortgage company owner who has been engaged several times, but has never made the trip to the alter. When Patti meets him, she tells him she wants to do a makeover on him, including Botox for his tan lines. He is looking for a nice girl in her 30′s who is looking to settle down.

Patti, Destin and Chelsea check out some ladies for the millionaire’s, and they decide to assign 2 women for each guy to go on a datewith. She picks Mojo, a spokesmodel and Livia who loves to surf. For Zagros, Lacey and Susan are chosen as they are both vegetarians.

Each man gets to meet with both women for a few minutes, then they have to pick one for a 45 minute date. They get to decide from there which girl they want to take on their master the next day. So the whole time they can still pick from either girl, like if they end up not liking their choice, they pick the second girl. A little different than what Patti usually does, but seeing as how she is dealing with Zagros who has a bad history with her, she wants to get this one right.


After speaking with both of the girls, Greg chooses Lyvia for her bubbly personality. Zagros chooses Susan, who is a nurse who captured his attention. For their 45 minute dates, Zagros jokes around alot with his date, while Greg totally bombs by telling really bad jokes. When Patti breaks them up, she asks Greg what he wants to do, choose Livia or Mojo who he did not speak to alot. Greg chose Livia, while Zagros chose Susan for his master date, which Patti says better not include sex this time around.

The day after the setup on this episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, Greg shows up at Patti’s office to tell her he had an epiphany overnight that he wanted Mojo instead, and this proves he has a problem with following through on things. She tells him if he wants to do this, he must call Livia himself and tell her why they are not going on a date after all. He is a coward with a fear of commitment. She then calls Mojo, and has Greg speak with her. He asks her to go on a date skiing with him, and she is a little pissed off that she was not chosen first, but accepts his invitation.

Greg and Mojo board his private jet and head off to go skiing, but not before Mojo asks him why he did not pick her first, and he said he just made a mistake and he is more attracted to her. But to his dismay, she is not much of a skiier, and falls down and hurt her head. Too bad Greg was already at the bottom of the hill and nowhere near her to even help! He then complained that he wanted someone athletic, only to get what he called Bambi on a ski lift. But at dinner, Mojo’s guard goes up when he tells her he has been engaged a few times. But their conversation goes a little bit better, and he thinks he may have found something in her.

Zagros meets his date Susan at a boxing ring. That wouldn’t be my choice for a first date, but hey, to each his own. After practicing some moves, he makes his move and starts making out with Susan in front of the boxing instructor. Back to his old playboy ways, he says he needs a cold shower before they go to dinner. They have a very flirty conversation. As they arrive at a private penthouse to have a meal cooked by a celebrity chef, he asks her if she would move to Texas where he lives, and she says yes. They go out onto the balcony to watch the sunset, and of course they kiss some more. But he kept his promise to Patti and did not sleep with her. What a surprise!!

When Patti makes a follow up call about Zagros, she finds out that Susan is going to continue to see him, and she is happy that he was able to keep it in his pants for one night. He too said the date was awesome! When she spoke to Greg, she finds out they have seen each other a few times since their first date! So it seems like Patti had 2 more successful matches, with Susan considering moving to Dallas for Zagros, and Greg and Mojo are still dating!

It has been a crazy season of second chances and crazy match ups on Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, and hopefully next season will be just as fun!

Tune in next season to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravoto see if Patti Stanger can make more love connections!
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