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America’s Next Top Model: Subway CoverGirl Shoot

April 14, 2010 09:09 PM by Nancy Floyd

America's Next Top Model

Tonight on America’s Next Top Model, the drama between the eight remaining models reaches an all-time high. The girls duke it out in the house and on the subway for their first CoverGirl photo shoot. Keep reading for all the drama-filled details on tonight’s fiercely competitive episode…

Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model starts with plenty of drama that continues all night. Angelea revels in starting catfights among the other girls, Krista thinks the house is divided between the straightforward girls and the needy ones, and Jessica’s just a tad too giddy from her recent photo shoot win. First, Angelea gets into it with Brenda and Raina, then Alasia gets into it with Jessica and Raina. Fortunately, Tyra mail arrives and saves the girls from an all-out war…temporarily, at least. Tyra’s note reads: “When u walk in, u might have a fit.” Naturally, this sends the girls into a tizzy as they try to guess what it means. Runway? Go-sees? Time will tell, ladies.

Thanks to Alasia, the ladies arrive late to meet Miss Jay and Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of Seventeen, at the magazine’s headquarters. After a little rebuke from Miss Jay, it’s time for the ladies to learn a valuable lesson on fashion from Seventeen magazine. Ann Shoket gives the girls a quick lesson on dressing for their body type. Call me crazy, but I only see one body type among these ladies: way too skinny. After the fashion tutorial, the girls have five minutes to run through Seventeen’s fashion closet and find an appropriate outfit for their body. Seems like an easy enough task. Not for the brilliant women hoping to be America’s Next Top Model. Alasia doesn’t realize she has curves and Brenda has a hard time finding her waist. Umm…that might be a sign that it’s time to eat a cookie. The girls are thrilled after the mini challenge to learn they get to keep their new outfits.

Now that the distracting lesson is over, it’s time to get back to the drama. In the limo ride, Alasia and Jessica get into a screaming match. Actually, to be fair, Jessica was simply talking at a normal volume and it was Alasia who went from zero to crazy in 0.2 seconds. The fight led Angelea to run her mouth which caused Brenda to call her uneducated. Shockingly, a snide comment like that didn’t go over so well with Angelea who proceeded to launch into a screaming match with Brenda. In a brilliant effort to prove just how educated she is, Angelea said (and I quote): ”I am smart. People would not believe that about me because of the way I am.” You can’t argue with logic like that.

Back at the loft, the models have clearly divided into two camps. Raina, Brenda, and Jessica vs. Angelea, Alasia, and Krista. Somehow Anslee has managed to avoid this week’s drama and Alexandra….well, honestly I keep forgetting Alexandra is even in this competition. Angelea interrupts one of Raina, Brenda, and Jessica’s pow-wows to get into it, yet again, with Brenda. It’s a good thing Brenda got that boy haircut or I think we might see some good old-fashioned hair pulling. The drama is interrupted once again by another America’s Next Top Model message. This one comes in the form of a letter from designer Tinsley Mortimer inviting the ladies to a handbag launch party. At the event, each girl is given one-on-one time with Tinsley who will be critiquing their personal style.

The ladies are thrown into the party with important fashion folks and are sent to mingle among the guests. Brenda assumes a fake shmoozing voice while Alasia wanders around aimlessly, searching for someone to talk to. Meanwhile, it’s time for the ladies to chat with Tinsley who asks them the important questions in life: Why did you pick the outfit you’re wearing tonight? Which designers do you like? And which of my bags is your favorite? A self-absorbed fashion designer/socialite. Shocking!

America's Next Top Model

It turns out the meet-and-greet with Tinsley was actually an America’s Next Top Model challenge. The winner of the challenge gets to pick a friend to join them for a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Seventeen magazine. Jessica is deemed the winner for wowing Tinsley with her outfit, her fashion knowledge, and her upbeat personality. Because Jessica also won last week’s photo shoot, she gets to pick two friends to join her for the Seventeen photo shoot. In the least shocking decision ever, she chooses Brenda and Raina to join her. The girls pose in a fun, energetic shoot that’s all about celebrating personal style.

Back at the loft after the shoot, even more drama erupts! Alasia stands outside the door of the confessional booth and overhears Raina badmouthing her. As soon as Raina’s finished, Alasia proceeds to enter the confessional booth and badmouth Raina. Raina, of course, stands at the door and eavesdrop on Alasia. Both girls say mean things. Both call the other a hypocrite for talking behind each other’s backs. Both girls confront the other. Just when you think a fight is about to erupt, Tyra mail intervenes again. ”It’s time 2 take your campaign underground.”

America's Next Top Model

The girls arrive at a subway platform and it’s completely empty. Fortunately, Mr. Jay arrives shortly to notify the girls that it’s time for their first CoverGirl photo shoot. He’s accompanied by Nicole, the winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 13, who gives the girls a clearly scripted and rehearsed pitch about how awesome CoverGirl is and how much she loves their new smoky-eye eyeshadow. For the shoot, the girls will be transformed into “New York women” and will pose in the subway.

All of the hair and makeup booths are set up in the subway and the prep for the shoot is basically one giant CoverGirl commercial. During the shoot, aboard a moving Subway, some of the girls shine while others falter. Despite the fact that they’re all assigned various New York City female stereotypes (fashionista, Upper East sider, artist, aspiring actress, etc), they all basically look the same. Krista and Alexandra both look amazing, but struggle to really captivate Jay during the shoot. Angelea brings confidence and poise to her photos which wows Jay. Brenda looks a little too “mature” for CoverGirl, while Alasia struggles to get even one good photo.

America's Next Top Model

It’s time for the ladies to meet with Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, and guest judge, Seventeen’s editor Ann Shoket. The judges are impressed with Raina and Krista’s photos. In Jessica’s photo, she looks a little confused and lost and in person, the judges bash her “skanky” shoes. Brenda’s photo feels lifeless and Alasia’s photo falls flat, but Anslee and Alexandra impress the judges. Angelea receives rave reviews from the judges for what they call the best photo of her so far.

America's Next Top Model

After the judges deliberate, it’s time to find out who stays and who goes on tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. Before I report the elimination news, it’s imperative that you know that Tyra’s wearing ANOTHER jumpsuit!! Un-freaking-believable!! This week it’s maroon, silky, and super baggy. Think MC Hammer pants with a super high waist and oversized sleeves. That outfit ain’t right for anyone’s body type. Rant over. On with the results. The winner of best photo this week is controversial Angelea, with Krista as the runner-up. Raina, Alexandra, Anslee, and Jessica are all safe. That means Brenda and Alasia are in the bottom two. The judges feel that Brenda lacks the fire to continue in the competition and that Alasia isn’t embracing her “gift of dance.” What does dancing have to do with anything?! Apparently a lot because Alasia is given the chance to stick around for another week. Brenda disagrees with the judges that she’s lost her spark or fire. She’s proud of herself and eager to continue her modeling career.

America's Next Top Model

Next week on America’s Next Top Model, the aspiring models get some tips from drag queens and Alasia is left behind for the photo shoot. Tune in for the drama-filled episode next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on America’s Next Top Model only on the CW Network.

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