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Top Chef Masters: Soul Food

April 14, 2010 09:19 PM by Lisa Princ


Top Chef Masters on Bravo is back with a brand new episode tonight as five more chef’s compete for the ultimate prize of $100k for the charity of their choice. But with two  able to move on, who will be joining Susan and Tony in the finals? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

Top Chef Masters on Bravo starts us off tonight with five new chef’s: Marcus Samuelsson, owner of 2 restaurants in NYC; David Burke, writer and owner of 7 world renowned restaurants; Carmen Gonzalez, who brings her Puerto Rican flair to NYC; Monica Pope, owner of one restaurant in Houston and Thierry Rauturea, chef and restaurant owner from Seattle who brings his french techniques with him.

For the quickfire round on Top Chef Masters on Bravo, the chefs are asked to create an extraordinary grilled cheese sandwich, which will be judged by Kelly Choi, herself since grilled cheese is one of her favorites. All of the chef’s went out of their way to do a gourmet grilled cheese, but Kelly was blown away by Monica’s Moroccan style grilled cheese with feta cheese on raisin & walnut bread. Monica was given the win and the $5k for her charity: Recipe for Success.

Then it was time for the real challenge on Top Chef Masters on Bravo as Kelly brought in Mehki Phifer, actor from “ER” and “Lie to Me” who would be celebrating his birthday with 125 of his closest friends and he was looking for the contestants to cook some soul food.Since Monica won the quickfire challenge, her reward was that she could choose her protein first and no one else could use it. She wound up choosing shrimp as she was doing a gourmet take on the old classic shrimp and grits.


David decided on sweet potato custard with crab and hushpuppies, while Thierry went for roasted pork shoulder with roasted cauliflower and brussell sprout slaw. Marcus chose to do chicken with mac and cheese and collard greens on the side, sounds like a good old soul food dish to me! Carmen, who had chosen to do an oyster and sausage stew, wound up leaving some of her trays in the Top Chef Masters kitchen, meaning she has to leave when she should have been cooking to go get her trays. She lost alot of time, and all the while she asked her fellow contestants to keep an eye on her yucca for the stew, which wound up burning for them, leading her to toss them in the trash.

After the party ended on Top Chef Masters on Bravo, it was judgement time, and Carmen, after all her troubles, unbelievably came in first place and would be moving on to the champion round. Next Thierry was up, and then Dave, but Dave could not beat Thierry’s score, but Monica did. That left Monica and Marcus, but ultimately Marcus came out the winner by both the judges and the soul food party goers. So we will see Marcus and Carmen in the champions round!

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for a brand new episode of Top Chef Masters on Bravo!

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