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Amazing Race: Lesbian Couple, Carol and Brandy, Discuss Elimination, Caite, and Being U-Turned

April 15, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Dating couple, Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow, are the latest couple to be eliminated on CBS‘ The Amazing Race, thanks to a U-turn that forced them to complete both Detours during Sunday night’s episode. The lesbian couple, who were considered a threat by other teams, discuss their elimination from the reality TV show, their thoughts on competitors, Brent & Caite, and how their time on CBS‘ The Amazing Race affected their relationship…

Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow thought it was foolish that other teams considered them a threat on CBS‘ The Amazing Race, but ultimately that’s what led to their elimination. Dating models, Brent & Caite, U-turned the team on Sunday night’s episode, forcing them to complete both Detours and thus come in last place. “The U-Turn was the end of us. We were totally blindsided and did not consider ourselves the biggest threat,” Brandy says.

It was obvious from the start of the race that Carol & Brandy were not particularly liked by several of the competing teams, particularly dating models, Brent and Caite. The lesbian couple was overheard making fun of Caite (former Miss Teen South Carolina) during the first leg of the race, and Caite was hellbent on getting revenge from that day on. Despite Caite’s vehement dislike of the pair, Carol and Brandy don’t think they were particularly unfriendly to anyone.

“We weren’t mean. There are way more clips of her hating on us. To be labeled mean for an off-handed comment while Jordan is on national television doing a spot-on and hysterical imitation of her seems like a gross double-standard. We were vilified for a comment that was not meant in any way to be a judgment call,” Brandy says. Carol adds, “If the meanness was so constant, why didn’t they air any of it? I made a joke on day one [about her] racing in her sash and tiara. I thought it was funny then and I still think it’s funny.”

The couple finished in fifth place on CBS‘ The Amazing Race, but the reality competition didn’t help bring them together. The pair, who had been dating less than a year before the show, are no longer together. “Getting ready for the race hijacked the honeymoon part of our relationship … Our relationship was more disposable because of its newness. I cannot recommend this for new couples,” Carol says. Brandy adds, “It took a toll. We’re living in different cities and focusing on being friends right now.”

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